Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Parish of Troqueer continued
John McGhie Newall's Terraughty £30.0.0
James Murray McCulloch of Ardwall Hills Terraughty £40.0.0
James Rae Suffolkhill £18.0.0
Wallace's Interest £19.13.8
Park £3.14.0
James Shortridge John Cairns's House £8.0.0
James Neilson John Mason's House £6.13.4
John Shortridge John Shortridge's House £24.0.0
William Hyslop Stonhouse Croft £62.0.0
Mrs. Gordon Newall and Hamilton's Houses £21.0.0
William Granger Howat Richard Howat's Interest £50.13.4
Bank and Gallohill £20.13.4
Couper and Hamilton's Houses £6.13.4
John Hutchison's House £8.0.0
Thomas Veitch's House £8.0.0
Thomas Halliday William Hannah's House £8.0.0
William McMickin William Hairstane's House £8.0.0
Doctor Corrie Stakeford £45.0.0
James Findlay Baxter's Cross £20.0.0
William Grierson Laurieknow £51.6.8
William Shortridge Lady Terraughty's Three Acres £20.0.0
Town of Dumfries Kiln and Willows £4.0.0
M.C. Maxwell of Nithsdale Armstrong Corbellyhill £21.0.0
James Mitchelson's Acre £6.13.4
John Fergusson Fergusson's Interest £57.13.4
John Cowan William Blair's House and Yeard £6.13.4
Robert Ramsay James Dodd's Houses £50.0.0
David Newall Corrie's Bilboa £10.3.0
James Neilson Neilson's Bilboa £27.10.0
Robert Anderson Charterhall £5.6.8
The Reverend Mr. Robison Welldale and half of Keylands Land £17.6.8
Robison's half of Reoch's Intertest £18.0.0
John Lock Pleasance £
Charles Hannah Carlyle's Park £25.0.0
Henry A. Beatman Rotchill and Bell's Closs £85.0.0
Part of Five Merkland of Troqueer £25.18.0
James Anderson Bankhouse £10.6.0
Charles Hairstanes and others Charles Hairstane's Interest £30.13.4
Alexander Moffat Moffat's Land £43.5.0
Martha Robson William Hutchison's Interest £3.6.8
Mrs. Barber Dalscairth's Interest £10.0.0
Baillie Porteous Robert Pain's Interest £25.0.0
Mary Kelly and J. Bowman John Good's House and Land £10.0.0
William Vair Carruthers's Bank and Gallohill £10.0.0
John Palmer Brotche's Interest £8.0.0
William Brand Watson's Closs £18.0.0
Conveener McKie's Interest £21.6.8
William Hyslop and others Stakeford Miln £45.0.0
Robert Halliday Halliday's Interest £49.17.0
Miller and halliday Nolt Market £10.3.0
Thomas Hairstanes Nunland's Interest £7.0.0
Sturgeons Greenhead £8.0.0
The Reverend Mr. Ewart Black Acres £12.0.0
Mrs. Maxwell Holm £22.4.0
James Wait Moat £11.2.0
John Syme Ryedale £13.4.10
Commissary Goldie Part of Curriestanes and Kirkhouses's Acre £51.3.4
Frederick Maxwell Part of Curriestanes and Kirkhouses's Acre £19.6.9
David Pagan Part of Curriestanes and Kirkhouses's Acre £48.0.8
James Pagan Part of Curriestanes and Kirkhouses's Acre £19.6.9
James Primrose Part of Curriestanes and Kirkhouses's Acre £6.5.3
David Clark Part of Curriestanes and Kirkhouses's Acre £12.10.7
part of Hyslop's Land £

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