Proprietor Land Particular Valuations Valuation Totals
WILLIAM DOUGLAS of Castle-Douglas Castle-Douglas Ninety-two pounds £92.0.0
Borough of Castle-Douglas One hundred and twenty pounds £120.0.0
Craigley One hundred and twenty-two pounds £122.0.0
Boreland One hundred and fifty pounds £150.0.0
Mid-Kelton One hundred and eighty-five pounds £185.0.0
Halmyre and Teinds One hundred and thirty-six pounds £136.0.0
Whitepark Seventy-seven pounds £77.0.0
The EARL of SELKIRK Netherthird Two hundred and eighty-two pounds £282.0.0
Kirkcormock Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Auchlane One hundred and twenty-nine pounds £129.0.0
Miln of Auchlane Sixteen pounds £16.0.0
Laigh Arkland Fifty-six pounds £56.0.0
WATSON and EBENEZER STOTTS of Kelton, Kelton Mains and Hightae, One hundred and thirty pounds, £130.0.0
Miln of Kelton One hundred and twenty-three pounds £123.0.0
Brownyhills Eighty-five pounds £85.0.0
Ronhouse Thirty pounds £30.0.0
Grainyford Twelve pounds £12.0.0
JOHN HERON of Ingliston Kelton-hill One hundred and forty-seven pounds £147.0.0
Inglistoun One hundred and forty-two pounds £142.0.0
JAMES DOUGLAS of Orchardton Glenyarrow Fifty-one pounds £51.0.0
Potterland Twenty-five pounds £25.0.0
Kirkmirran Twenty-five pounds £25.0.0
Glen of Skreel Eight pounds £8.0.0
Whitehill Thirty-four pounds £34.0.0
Kildow Sixteen pounds £16.0.0
Hole of Gelston Seven pounds £7.0.0
JOHNSTON HANNAY of Torrs Torrs One hundred and sixty-five pounds £165.0.0
Casseyend Fifteen pounds £15.0.0
WILLIAM STURGEON of Dildawn Dildawn and Teinds One hundred and five pounds £105.0.0
Bulridge Fifteen pounds £15.0.0
Colonel ANDREW McDOWALL of Logan, Slagnaw, One hundred and thirteen pounds, £113.0.0
Col.[Colonel] A.MUIR MACKENZIE of Cassencarrie, Airyland, Two hundred and thirty pounds, £230.0.0
JOHN GORDON of Lochdougan, Lochdougan, Two hundred and eighty-one pounds £281.0.0
SAMUEL CARSON, East Billies, Forty-nine pounds ten shillings, £49.10.0
ALEXANDER GORDON of Campbellton, West Billies Forty-nine pounds ten shillings £49.10.0
JOHN NAPIER, High Arkland, Forty pounds, £40.0.0
JOHN THOMSON Over Arkland Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Mrs. CLARK, East Milnthird, One hundred and fifty pounds, £150.0.0
WILLIAM JOHNSTON, West Milnthird, Thirty pounds, £30.0.0
WILLIAM MORRISON of Kelton, Kirkland, Fifty-five pounds, £55.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of KELTON, Three thousand five hundred and ninety-eight pounds, £3598.0.0

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