Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Partoun Paroch
28th [page]
Cogerth one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Barwhillanty one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Nether Boreland one hundered and Fifty pounds £150.0.0
Gargunnock Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Craigley Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
Nether Laggan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Mid Laggan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Little Fominoch Twenty four pounds £24.0.0
Sarkennaw Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Kirkland forty eight pounds £48.0.0
Bairs forty two pounds £42.0.0
Upper and Mid Fominoch Sixty pounds £60.0.0
Upper Boreland Sixty pounds £60.0.0
Croughie Forty eight pounds Roan ten pounds £58.0.0
Drumrash Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Upper Ervie forty pounds Nethr. [Nether] Ervie forty pounds £80.0.0
Upper Dullarg Forty pound Neg Dullarg Eighty pd [pounds] £120.0.0
[sub total] £1137.0.0
Barend Sixty pounds Glenfoot forty eight pounds £108.0.0
Upper Laggan Seventy pounds £70.0.0
Little Merkland Twelve pounds Shaw forty pounds £52.0.0
Cairn forty pound Glenhead forty pound £80.0.0
Largleer twenty pounds Marnhoul forty pounds £60.0.0
Two Auchenveys fifty five pounds £55.0.0
Ervie Neilson Sixty pounds £60.0.0
Little Mochrum forty pounds Meikle Mochrum one hundred pound £140.0.0
Poundland Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Upper Armannoch forty pound £40.0.0
Falbay Thirty pounds £30.0.0
Nether Armannoch Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Meikle Merkland Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Upper Corsock one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
Nether Corsock one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
Two Blackhills Forty pounds £40.0.0
Two Glenlairs & Milln Two hund: & Twenty Eight pounds £228.0.0
[sub total] £1400.0.0
Totall is Two thousand five hundered and forty five pound Scots £2545.0.0
Rerrick Paroch
Lands of Glenshinoch Two hundred & fifty Seven pound £257.0.0
Millhall Ten pounds £10.0.0
Nethr. [Nether] law & Barcheskie Six hundered & Twenty two pound £622.0.0
Drumbowie Thirty five pound £35.0.0
Rerrick Paroch continued
29th [page]
Wester Kirkcarsell Seventy Seven pound ten Shills £77.10.0
Easter Kirkcarsell one hundered & Twelve pounds ten Sh [shillings] £112.10.0
Upper Linkins Seventy pound £70.0.0
Green Canecroft fifteen pound £15.0.0
Nether Lenkins Sixty pounds £60.0.0
Over Auchenleck thirty five pound £35.0.0
Auchenfadel one hundered and Seventy five pound £175.0.0
Balearie Thirty pounds £30.0.0
Airds one hundered and ten pounds £110.0.0
Rascarrell one hundered and Sixty pounds £160.0.0
Over Hezelfield Ninty pounds £90.0.0
[sub total] £1859.0.0
Oraland two hundered pounds £200.0.0
Over Rerrick Two hundered and ten pounds £210.0.0
Fagra one hundered and Seventy pounds £170.0.0
Nether Rerrick One hundered and thirty pounds £130.0.0
Girdstingwood Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
Mullock one hundered and Eighty five pound £185.0.0
Chappeltoun Two hundered and Twenty nine pounds £229.0.0
Auchengool one hundered and fifteen pounds £115.0.0
Barclay one hundered and fifty pounds £150.0.0
Colinn & Hasses one hundered and Twenty three pd [pounds] £123.0.0
Stocking one hundered and Twelve pounds £112.0.0
Castell one hundered pounds £100.0.0
[sub total] £1874.0.0
Balmangan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Auchnabony Fifty three pounds £53.0.0
Barrend fifty three pound £53.0.0
Flatt and Longrigg Ninty pounds £90.0.0
Bridgend and Closscroft Forty pounds £40.0.0
Mains of newlaw Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Monks Moor Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Bullioncroft Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Sourside croft ten pounds £10.0.0
Midcroft ten pound £10.0.0
Barr of Newlaw Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Gill in Abbay Forty pound £40.0.0
Hard croft Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Taits croft Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Clonrig Seventy pounds £70.0.0
Stockbrigg ten pounds £10.0.0
Holmcroft Fifteen pounds £15.0.0
[sub total] £621.0.0

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