Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Lochrooton Paroch continued
22d [page]
The Whiteyeard forty two pound £42.0.0
The Slaiks forty pound £40.0.0
The Moat Twenty four pounds £24.0.0
[sub total] £611.6.
Mill of Auchenfranko Thirty five pound £35.0.0
Mains of Barwharr one hundered & Sixty Six pd [pounds] 13Sh [shillings]4d [pennies] £166.13.4
The Toun of drumar forty pound £40.0.0
Mains of Carswada Twenty four pound £24.0.0
The Nethr. [Nether] Toun Sixty pound £60.0.0
The merkland of Carswada Eighteen pound £18.0.0
The Toun of Armannoch Seventy pound £70.0.0
Lands of Head forty five pound £45.0.0
Coldside of Carswada Twenty four pound £24.0.0
[sub total] £482.
Totall Two Thousand one hundred and forty three pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] & four penies £2143.13.4
Minnygoff Paroch
Lands of Arroch one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Glenmalloch Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Drumjoan one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Lewesbay Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Corradirnce Sixty Six pounds £66.0.0
Dalnaes Sixty pounds £60.0.0
Glengubock Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Bargrennan one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Drumallanlie forty five pound £45.0.0
Drumucork fifty pound £50.0.0
Mallanghill Nyne pound £9.0.0
Bridgestoun fifty pound £50.0.0
Miniwick eighty pound £80.0.0
Lesser Caldons Thirty pounds £30.0.0
Holm one hundered and fifty pound £150.0.0
Borgan and Taragh one hundered & ten pounds £110.0.0
Larg Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Camber Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Lagbeas Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Cloynts Forty five pounds £45.0.0
Corsdorcan Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Torthegan Fifty pound £50.0.0
Bardrochwood one hundered and thirty five pounds £135 £135.0.0
Greddock one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Dronandow one hundered and Thirty five pd [pounds] £135.0.0
Barclay Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Minnigoff Paroch continued
23d [page]
Dergoal Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
Boreland one hundered & fifty pounds £150.0.0
Claughrie Eighty four pounds £84.0.0
Knockbrex forty pounds £40.0.0
Glenmalloch Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Glenshalloch Seventy five pounds £75.0.0
Garlarg one hundered and Twenty pound £120.0.0
Lamochan Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Fishing of Boreland Twenty pounds £20.0.0
[sub total] £1299.0.0
Blairbowie Thirty pounds £30.0.0
Crau and Draught Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Mill of Garlies Fifty pound £50.0.0
Drymuclures yrof Sixty Six pound 13Sh: [shillings] 4 pen: [pennies] £66.13.4
Fort Mart Kyne Two hundered & Sixty Six pd [pounds] 13Sh [shillings] 4d [pennies] £266.13.4
Wedders one hundred and Twenty five pound £125.0.0
Butter one hundred and Twenty pound £120.0.0
Little Park one hundred and Fifty pound £150/ £150.0.0
Terraughben & Meikle Caldons one hundred pounds £100.0.0
Glencaird one hundered & Twenty pounds £120.0.0
Lochspraig and Mark one hundred and Twenty pds [pounds] £120.0.0
Caswalitees of Toraghben & Meikle Caldon Ninteen pd: [pounds] £19.0.0
Ardwall Thirty pounds £30.0.0
[sub total] £1217.6.8
Corrwar Twenty five pounds £25.0.0
Mill of Bardrochwood Seventy five pound £75.0.0
The Park and crofts Forty pounds £40.0.0
The Caswalities Ninteen pound £19.0.0
Machrimore Sixty eight pound thirteen Sh: [shillings] four pen:[pennies] £68.13.4
Park McClurg Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Meikle Carse Eighty pound £80.0.0
Half of Carsmannoch Thirty pounds £30.0.0
Blackcraig Fifty pounds £50.0.0
[sub total] £417.13.4
Carsnaw one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Caswalities Sixteen pound £16.0.0
Talnotry forty five pound £45.0.0
Half of Craigeneailzie forty five pound £45.0.0
Bargaly Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Barhoys Thirty pound £30.0.0
Daleash Cairns Forty five pounds £45.0.0
Laggan Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Craignell Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Tonnorghie Twenty pds: [pounds] Brockloch Thirty pound £50.0.0
Bellbrock Bowie
[sub total] £531.0.0

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