Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Kirkmabreeck Paroch continued
20th [page]
Meikle Glen one hundred & Sixty five pound £165.0.0
Little Glen Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Carslooth and Mile Two hundered pounds £200.0.0
Strowans one hundered pounds £100.0.0
High and Laigh Kirkmabrecks Two hundred pounds £200.0.0
Kirkbryde Ninty pounds £90.0.0
[sub total] £830.0.0
Totall is Three thousand two hundred & Twelve pound ten shillings Scots £3212.10.0
Kirkpatrick Paroch
Upper Bar one hundred & ten pounds £110.0.0
Auchenhae one hundered and Sixty pounds £160.0.0
Two Darngarrochs Eighty pound £80.0.0
Slangaber Forty pound £40.0.0
Wastland Twenty Seven pound £27.0.0
Mool one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Nethr.[Nether] Barr Seventy Seven pund ten Shills: [shillings] £77.10.0
Nethr. [Nether] Glaisters one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Upper Glaisters one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Kirklebride Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Areeming Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Crofts one hundered and four pounds £104.0.0
Margley Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Bardarroch Twenty five pound £25.0.0
Marcartney one hundered and Sixty eight pounds £160.0.0
[sub total] £1301.10.0
Upper Killwhanady Two hundred & Twenty Seven pound £227.0.0
Markland Sixty pound Tarbreoch one hund: & thirty pound £190.0.0
Culshawen one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Barncailzies Lands two hundred & Sixty pounds £260.0.0
Arklands Knockwalloch forty five pound £45.0.0
Barmoffity fifty five pound £55.0.0
Craig Knockwalloch fifty five pound £55.0.0
Culfadd Seventy Seven pound ten Shillings £77.10.0
Minidow Eighty five pound £85.0.0
Little Crochatfoord Thirty pound £30.0.0
Lochenkitt one hundered pound £100.0.0
Neilsons Marwhirn Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Hamiltons Marwhirn & Middleton one hundred pd: [pounds] £100.0.0
Blackmark Thirty pound £30.0.0
Brockloch Sixty Nine pound ten Shillings £69.10.0
Barbayn Twenty pounds £20.0.0
[sub total] £1443.0.0
Kirkpatrick Paroch continued
Two Drumconchraws one hundered pound £100.0.0
Meikle Crocketfoord Forty five pound £45.0.0
Arkland Seventy five pound £75.0.0
Narie Sixty five pound Corse Twenty five pound £90.0.0
Craignooks Kirkland Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Neg Killwhanady Two hundered & Twenty pounds £220.0.0
Mill of Killwhanady & Moat croft Fifty five pound £55.0.0
[sub total] £735.0.0
Totall Three thousand four hundered & eighty pound ten Shillings Scots £3480.10.0
Lochrooton Paroch
Lawstoun Sixty pounds Bowrock forty three pounds £103.0.0
Above the Brae forty Six pound £46.0.0
Beneath the Brae forty three pounds £43.0.0
Meikle Barfill Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Bettyknows Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Brae & Burnside Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Bogrie & Merkland one hundered pounds £100.0.0
Rough Merkland Thirty pounds £30.0.0
Denstoun forty two pounds £42.0.0
Mains of Hills Eighty pounds £80.0.0
[Sub total] £684.0.0
Howyeard Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Foresyde Seventy Six pounds £76.0.0
Berkleys Thirty Six pounds £36.0.0
Lochfoot fifty two pound £52.0.0
Kirkland Thirteen pound Six Sh: [shillings] & eight pennys £13.6.8
Kirkstyle Sixteen pound £16.0.0
Upp Bank Twenty Six pound thirteen Sh:[shillings] & four pen: [pennies] £26.13.4
Mid Bank Sixteen pound Braecroft Ten pound £26.0.0
Fellsyde Ten pounds £10.0.0
Lochenhead Twenty nine pound thirteen Sh:[shillings] 4d [pennies] £29.13.4
[sub total] £365.13.4
Hallybush Sixteen pound £16.0.0
Nunlands Mains one hundred & one pounds £101.0.0
Lochrootongate one hundered pound £100.0.0
Mains of Barnbackle Sixty pounds £60.0.0
The Third forty Six pound £46.0.0
Upper Deadside forty Six pound £46.0.0
The Three Crofts forrty pound £40.0.0
Lower Deadside Thirty three pound £33.0.0
Mains of Auchenfranko Sixty three pound 6 Sh [shillings] 8d [pennies] £63.6.8

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