Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Parish Haddington
Claim for Compensation against W.A. Baird of Blantyre, assessed on basis of an old valued rent for lands of Lethington, Mains of Haddington, Lands of Muirtonhall, erected lands and Barony of Haddington, Lands and Barony of Bolton, Lands of Begbie, Lands and Barony of Clerkington. £4033.18.8
made up thus:-
Lord Blantyre his lands -- £4997.7.1
Deduct Poffle and Poffle Wall sold to Mr Balfour -- £1059.9.9
Deduct Clerkington Acredales sold sold to Mr Houston -- £271.16.0 -- £1331.5.9
Add Dalgowie -- £168.18.4
Add part of Clerkinton transferred in 1816 from Clerkington Valuation -- £30.19.0
Pilmuir (Parish Bolton) -- £168.0.0 £4033.18.8
Excerpt from County Clerk's letter of 11th April
1833 in File 539.
State of Valuation of Clerkinton Estate.
Clerkington as per Book made up in 1779 £530.14.2
Deduct alloted to Lord Blantyre in 1816 £30.19.0
Peter Begbie's lands £4.16.2
James Forrest's lands £30.10.8
Clerkington Acredales £271.16.0
Lands of Maughshiel (Parish Wittingham) £176.13.4
Sum of Valuation on which Mr Houston's public burdens are to be collected. £983.11.4

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