Proprietor and land Valuation
Duke of Roxburgh Six thousand six hundred & Sixty nine Pounds fifteen Shillings £6669.15.0
Sir John Warrender of Lochend One thousand five hundred & Eight Pounds Eighteen Shillings & Eight pence £1508.18.8
Hallhill & Broomparkland Eight hundred & twenty one Pounds Eliven Shillings & four pence £821.11.4
North Belion Six hundred & twenty six Pounds five shillings & ten pence £626.5.10
Mr Hay of Belton One thousand three hundred & fifty four Pounds nine shillings & two pence £1354.9.2
Mr Sandelads of East Barns Four hundred & Six Pounds two Shillings £406.2.0
Thomas Robertson Forty five Pounds six Shillings & Eight pence £45.6.8
Eufoord Three hundred & Seventy six Pounds Sixteen Shillings & Eight pence £376.16.8
Ballmouth One hundred & therty Pounds four Shillings & two pence £130.4.2
George Affleck Ten Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £10.13.4
Town of Dunbar therty Pounds Eight Shillings & four pence £30.8.4
Heitherwick Five hundred & Seventy eight Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £578.13.4
West Barns & Part of Gunsgreen Eight hundred & fifty two Pounds Sixteen Shillings & Seven pence £852.16.7
Underedge Lands One hundred & Ninety four Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £194.13.4
Messrs Falls for Remainder of Gunsgreen Ten Pounds Seventeen Shillings . . . . £10.17.0
Page 3rd Dunbar Parish Continued £ Sh d
Mr Anderson Five hundred & twenty Pounds £520.0.0
John Melvil Thirty Pounds four Shillings & three pence £30.4.3
Archibald Burn Ten Pounds £10.0.0
Andrew Ferguson Sixteen Pounds fifteen Shillings
and three pence £16.15.3
John Lorimer Eliven Pounds seventeen Shillings and
seven pence £11.17.7
George Wilson twenty seven Pounds one Shilling & ten
pence £27.1.10
David Mackie One hundred & forty one Pounds nine
Shillings & nine pence £141.9.9
Thomas Mcree Nineteen Pounds Eliven Shillings
& seven pence £19.11.7
John Pollock Forty one Pounds four Shillings & three
pence £41.4.3
George Fall twenty two Pounds seventeen Shillings
and three pence £22.17.3
George Wilson therteen Pounds ten Shillings & eliven pence £13.10.11
William Ritchie twenty two Pounds seventeen Shillings
and three pence £22.17.3
Mr Hay of Lawfield Eight hundred & sixty seven Pounds
Eliven Shillings & six pence £867.11.6
Mr Hay of Charterfield One thousand four hundred &
seventy three Pounds four Shillings & six pence £1473.4.6
William Valley therty Pounds nine Shillings & seven pence £30.9.7
Dunbar Castle ten Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £10.13.4
Andrew Brown therteen Pounds six Shillings & eight pence £13.6.8
John Dickson ten Pounds two Shillings & five pence £10.2.5
William Hume Fifty three Pounds one Shilling and
nine pence £53.1.9
To:Hay £3335.19.8
Andrew Dickson

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Page 2nd Dunbar Parish £ Sh d
John Hay £13617.11.5
Andrew Dickson

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