Proprietor and land Valuation
Garnilshiels Two hundred & fifty two Pounds six Shillings and Eight pence £252.6.8
Bowerhouses Five hundred & Sixteen Pounds four Shilling & Eliven pence £516.4.11
Mr Hay of Lawfield One thousand & Eighty three Pounds three Shillings £1083.3.0
Eral Hynfoord four hundred & Sixty eight Pounds two Shillings & two pence £468.2.2
Lord Belhaven Five thousand thousand seven hundred & Sixty nine Pounds nineteen Shillings £5769.19.0
Eral of Aberdean Two thousand & Eighty three Pounds one Shilling & Eight pence £2083.1.8
Lord Tweadale for Priestlaw four hundred & seventy two Pounds ten Shillings £472.10.0
Mr Hay of Drummeler Three thousand one hundred & forty eight Pounds seventeen Shillings & one penney £3148.17.1
Rochlaw One thousand & therty eight Pounds three pence £1038.0.3
Whitlaw two hundred & Sixty nine Pounds Six Shillings & Eight pence £269.6.8
Grangehaws Sixty six Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £66.13.4
Mayshiel One hundred & seventy six Pounds therteen Shillings & four pence £176.13.4
Mr Kinloch of Gilmerton Two thousand six hundred & Sixty one Pounds nineteen Shillings & five pence £2661.19.5
Chaple Royall Two hundred Pounds £200.0.0
Smeaton in this Parish One thousand one hundred, & Sixty one Pounds and Six pence £1161.0.6
Westfortune Three hundred Pounds £300 .. ..
Gourlaybank One hundred & fifty four Pounds £154 .. ..
Netherbyers One hundred & twenty nine Pounds nine Shillings & Eight pence £129.9.8
Beanston One thousand one hundred & twenty four, Pounds therteen Shillings & two pence £1124.13.2
Munkmill One hundred & Sixty one Pounds ten Shil. £161.10.0
Patrick Goodfallow twenty four Pounds six Shillings, & Eight pence £24.6.8
Sir David Dalrumple Three thousand nine hundred & fifty nine Pounds four Shillings & five pence £3959.4.5
Mr Hew Dalrumple Forty Pounds £40 .. ..
Few Duty of Houston Lands Eighty nine Pounds ten Shillings £89.10.0
Eral of Hadingtoun Six thousand five hundred, & fifty two Pounds sixteen Shillings & two pence £6552.16.2
Mr Baird of Newbyth Three thousand four hundred & Sixty Pounds ten Shillings £3460.10.0
Mr Charters Sixty Pounds sixteen Shillings & Eight pence £60.16.8
Sir Robert Hay Eight hundred & Sixty Pounds two Shillings £860.2.0
Lord Coalston Eight hundred & forty five Pounds, Sixteen Shillings & four pence £845.16.4
John Hay £18923.15.7

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John Hay. £18206.17.8

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