Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Wester Kilpatrick parish
Sir Archibald Edmonstone Mains of Colquhoun £164.0.0
Walter Colquhoun Barnhill £60.0.0
Meikle Overtoun £84.0.0
Little Overtoun £42.0.0
Sir Archibald Edmonstone Middletown £70.0.0
Mr. Buchanan Chappeltoun £192.0.0
Miln of Colquhoun £8.0.0
John Colquhoun's 3/4 of Milton of Colquhoun £63.0.0
Archibald Buchanan Esq. of Auchentorlie Mr. Buchanan's 1/4 of Milton of Colquhoun £21.0.0
Connaltown £107.13.4
Dumglass £18.6.8
Archibald Buchanan Esq. of Auchentorlie Auchintorly £142.2.0
John Scott Dunnerbuck £94.18.0
Lord Blantyres' Gavinburn £220.0.0
Lord Blantyres' Over Dalnotter & Carleith £112.0.0
Lord Blantyres' 1/2 0f Duntyglennan £67.10.0
Lord Blantyres' Feu duties £84.10.0
Lord Blantyres' Waulk Mill £8.0.0
Lord Blantyres' Duntocher Hill £30.0.0
Gilbert Hamilton Spittle Cuningham £56.0.0
Dalnottar Iron work Co. Part of Nether Dalnotter £8.5.0
Rt. Hon. [Right Honourable] Ilay Campbell Nether Dalnotter £196.15.0
Blackmailling £86.6.8
Lord Blantyre Gray's Closs £38.15.0
John Brock's land Kilpatrick £18.0.0
Dalmuir £187.10.0
Blarquhaneran £460.0.0
Mr. Cross Esq Easter Auchintoshen £80.0.0
Wester Auchintoshen £30.0.0
James Stirling Esq. Edinbarnet £95.0.0
Auchinlick £131.5.0
Carry forward £2976.16.8

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Wester Kilpatrick parish.

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