Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Bt. Ford. [Brought forward] £2110.17.0
Lord Blantyre Nether Close £23.0.0
Duntocher Mill £30.0.0
Swordom £17.6.8
Half of Lusset £14.0.0
Blackmailling £46.6.8
Gabriel Scott Half of Lusset £14.0.0
Robert Lang's Heirs Blackmailling £40.0.0
Alexander Dunn's Heirs Dalmuir £187.10.0
Balquhanran £460.0.0
Half Milton of Duntocher £42.10.0
Milton Spreul £97.10.0
Half of Duntiglennan £67.10.0
Easter and Wester Kilbowie £431.13.4
Robert Smith Wester Faiflae £24.0.0
Alexander Dunn's Heirs Easter Auchintoshan £80.0.0
Wester Auchintoshan £30.0.0
A.C. Stirling Murray Dunlop. Edinbarnet £95.0.0
Grace Hamilton Barns of Clyde £280.0.0
Grace Hamilton Easter and Wester Cochnocks £300.0.0
R.R. Holmes' Heirs Milton Douglas £42.10.0
Andrew Muter Mill of Colquhoun £8.0.0

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What is contained in this and the preceding page is a true copy of the
Cess Roll of the County of Dumbarton so far as regards the Parish of
West Kilpatrick
(sgd) W Babtie
Clerk of Supply.
20th. December 1871.

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