Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Clackmanan Parish Scots
The Right Honble [Honourable] Lord Dundas Barony of Clackmanan £1281.5.1 Divided thus
Francis Clarks possession £30.18.3
William Chrysties possession £34.10.3
Francis Allans possession £19.15.5
John Girsoms possession £35.11.8
John Millers possession £19.3.10
Margaret Cummins possession £4.16.0
John Fergusons possession £49.5.5
Henry Thomsons possession £98.14.3
Andrew Thomsons possession £11.19.8
William Clerks possession £59.2.6
Thomas Inglis possession £40.10.1
Henry Robertson Senrs [Seniors] possession £14.7.11
Mary Dickies possession £56.16.3
James youngs Possession £7.13.4
Ebenezer Thomsons possession £168.17.6
Colonel Mastersons possession £101.16.3
Henry Robertson Juniors possession £159.10.5
George Millers possession £2.7.10
Donald Fergusons possession £47.14.10
William Dewars possession £26.6.6
Adam Wilsons possession £26.13.8
James Bruces possession in Mill lands £47.19.10
William Bruces possession £30.6.4
Thomas Dickies possession £11.1.6
John Inglis possession £79.17.2
Adam Wilsons possession £9.5.10
William Pratice possession £25.15.8
Agnes Bruce possession £6.5.9
John McLarens possession £19.15.10
Thomas McVeys possession £11.19.8
Carried over £1258.19.5
Clackmanan Parish Continued Scots.
Brought over £1258.19.5
The Right Honble [Honourable] Lord Dundas Archibald Halls possession £4.3.6
Robert McCullochs possession £11.19.8
John Steins possession £1.6.8
Officers Aiker £4.15.10
[sub-total] £1281.5.1
The Right Honble [Honourable] Lord Dundas Hilltown Hillend &c £426.0.0
Grassmains town £139.6.8
Tulligarth &c £360.0.0
Sundry small Feuars Feuars of Clackmanan £551.10.6
The property of many petty Feuars of Houses and yards House meals of Clackmanan £50.2.10
The Earl of Mansfield late Lord Cathcart Sauchie £753.13.4 Divided as follows
Diversewell Smiddy Bankhead, McGowan and Whites avenue, Twenty five Acre Park and part of Middle mains park £376.16.8
The residence of said Barony comprehending the Land of Arnwell, Parks of Pitfairn &c &c £376.16.8
[sub-total] £753.13.4
The Earl of Mansfield late Lord Cathcart Gartenkeirs £251.6.8
Bowhouse Craigend &c £400.0.0
Lands of East side Hollingbush &c £400.0.0
Bruce Esqr. of Kennet Kennets £1985.9.9
Easter and Wester Kennets £506.9.9
Part of Shanbody sometime wadset to Lawrence Dundas £411.18.0
Gartlett £3.13.1
Part of Hartshaw Property of Mr Bruce of Kennet £106.18.0
Carried over £5722.3.11

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