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Proprietor and land Valuation
Wattin, Strath therof, Bridgend, Bylbster, Wester Scoriclett, Achalibster, Flex and Hallisary and pendicles Over and Neather Scouthells, Achintoft Rowans, Kinsary, and Few and Teind dutys of Achahoy Seven hundred and sixty pounds nine Shill. [Shillings] two pennys £760.9.2
Cleftside of Oldwick Two pounds thirteen shill. [shillings] four pennys £2.13.4
Lynegar Sixty two pounds three shilling £62.3.0
Wick paroch
Myreland, Quintfall and Crooks of How ninty Five pounds two shilling six pennys £95.2.6
How and Milne one hundred and twenty four pounds four sh. [shilling] £124.4.0
Nybster, Eighty six pounds eighteen shill. [shilling] ten pennys £86.18.10
Oukorn Eighteen pounds twelve shilling £18.12.0
Keiss Seven hundred and sixty two pds. [pounds] Fifteen shill. [shilling] eight pen. [pennys] £762.15.8
Over Bilbster One hund. [hundred] and thirteen pounds four shill. [shilling] five pen: [pennys] £113.4.5
Neather Bilbster One hund: [hundred] & seventy four pds. [pounds] ten shill [shillings] two pen: [pennies] £174.10.2
Stircock, Blingery, Thurster, Heshwell and Quoylee Four hundred and Ninty Five pounds twelve shill. [shilling] eight pen. [pennys] £495.12.8
Sibster Wick, Wedderclett and Hanster Seven hundred and three pounds Forteen shilling £703.14.4
Thrumster, Sarclett, Ullaclett and Teinds £349.5.0
Ulbster For Ulbster and pendicles Tannach Easter Clyth, Browan Half Campster, Braell, Sixpennyland, Skinnen, Gerston Half Ainster and Buckies and all Breagauld One thousand three hundred and twenty nine pounds sixteen shilling £1329.16.0
Summa of the Eight page Is Five thousand and Seventy nine pounds one shill. [shilling] one penny Scots. £5079.1.1
The Laird of Hempriggs fore Ackergill, Reiss, Wester, South and North Kilminsters, Windless, Harland, Noss, Field of Noss, all Papigo, Including Wester Seatt, and Stircocks Wadsett, Gillock, Kirkfield, Milnetown Stamster Wick, Oldwick, and its pendicles, and Telstane His part of Westerdale, Skinvall, Acharaskell, Dalnaglettan, Badgilivrid, and both sides of the burn of Lathronwheell and pendicles Three thousand six hundred pounds £3600.0.0
The Town of Wick to be proportioned upon the whole shyre as formerly one hund. [hundred] and Sixty Six pds. [pounds] thirteen shill. [shilling] four p. [pennys] £166.13.4
Robert Calder for the Lairds Croft Six pounds £6.0.0
James Murray for Bankhead Four pounds £4.0.0
Latheron paroch
Sir George Sinclair for Mid Clyth, Wester Clyth & overtoun, Occumster, Achavarr, Roster, Half Campster, Sibster, Braell, Hallkirk, Hoy, Swordell, Carsgoe. and Milne of Swordell Eleven hund. [hundred] and Sixty pounds £1160.0.0
Lybster for Lybster and its pendicles one hund. [hundred] & twenty four pds. [pounds] £124.0.0
Ulgrimbeg and Ulgrimore one hund. [hundred] and forty six pounds £146.0.0
The Laird of Forss his haill Interest Sixty hund [hundred] & Fifty pds [pounds] £650.0.0
Latheron Two hund [hundred] & Forty eight pds. [pounds] six shill. [shilling] eight pennys £248.6.8
Barony of Dunbeath Seven hund [hundred] & forty five pounds Two shill. [shilling] £745.2.0
Langwall for Berrydale Reisgill, and its pertinents and Monsary Eight hundred pounds £800.0.0
Summa of the 9th page £7650.2.0
Lord Breadalbane for 1st & 2d Pages £3321.14.5
3 page £3931.14.2
4 page £2354.19.8
5 page £6800.13.2
6 page £6110.19.4
7 page £2006.19.0
8 page £5079.1.1
Totall valued rent of the shyre of Caithness Is Thirty seven thousand two hundred and Fifty six pounds two shilling ten pennys £37256.2.10

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