Proprietor and land Valuation
The Lands of Brims Easter and Wester, Harpsdale, Brubster, his part of Westerdale and Leosag, Backless, Glutt, Lurary, Forsie and Oust One thousand Five hundred and seventy seven pounds ten shilling £1577.10.0
Forss, Baillie, Crosskirk, Brubster & pendicles, with the Salmond Fishing Three hundred & thirty nine pounds £339.0.0
Geese and Pendicles One hundred and Fifty pounds £150.0.0
Newlands of Ormly Twenty pounds £20.0.0
Reay Paroch
Sandsides Whole Estate Seven hundred pounds £700.0.0
Borlum Two hundred pounds £200.0.0
Mr John Monro for Craigtown, Shebster, Achaminimurkles and Tain Four hundred and Twenty pounds £420.0.0
Braellbine One hundred and Eighty six pounds six shilling £186.6.0
Hallkirk paroch
Assary Forty pounds £40.0.0
South & North Cathells & Sour Four hund. [hundred] & twenty two pounds £422.0.0
Toftingall for Easterdale, Spittle, Mybster, Achalibster, Achaloan, Toftingall and pendicles, Four hund. [hundred] and Fifty one pounds £451.0.0
Donald Williamson for all Banniskirk, Achorly and Geese little in Thurso paroch Two hund: [hundred] & forty eight pounds eight shill. [shillings] £248.8.0
Bowar paroch
The Laird Dun for Scarmclett, Larell, Campster, & Northdun in Wattin paroch Three hund. [hundred] & ninty three pds. [pounds] five shill. [shillings] 4d [pennies] £393.5.4
Stamster & Knocktoo Two hundred and Forty eight pounds £248.0.0
Tister, Northfield and the three pennyland of Gillock Three hund: [hundred] and sixteen pounds thirteen shill [shillings] four pennys £316.13.4
Bowartower, Halcro, Oukorn & milne Two hund. [hundred] Forty eight pds. [pounds] £248.0.0
Bowarmadden, Eastside therof not including teind £65.1.8
The other side therof Including teinds Eighty five pds. [pounds] Fifteen sh: [shillings] £85.15.0
Summa of the Sixth page Six thousand one hundred and ten pounds ninteen shill [shillings] four pennys Scots money £6110.19.4
Patrick Sinclair for John Henderson Nine pennyland of Brabsterdorren Stock and Teinds One hundred & thirty two pounds £132.0.0
Patrick Sinclair for John Sinclair and John Mansons Four pennyland not including the Teind Thirty six pounds eleven shilling £36.11.0
Rorie Mansons heirs for three pennyland of John Hendersons, Stock and Teind, Forty Four pounds £44.0.0
Thura and pendicles one hund [hundred] and Forty eight pounds six shill [shillings] £148.6.0
Belster Twenty eight pounds ten pennys £28.0.10
William Allan for Half Mursay Forty two pounds £42.0.0
Galshfield a part of Clayock and a pennyland in Scarmclett Eighty eight pounds Fifteen shilling £88.15.0
Two thirds of Lyth pertaining to James Sinclair, not including Teind One hundred and Ninty three pounds £193.0.0
Milne of Lyth pertaining to him Forty one pounds £41.0.0
The Teinds of the two thirds of Lyth, Stanstell Southduns part of Kirk, and Eastside of Hastigrow after deduction of Ministers stipend One hund. [hundred] & twelve pds. [pounds] forteen shill. [shillings] four pen: [pennies] £112.14.4
Barrocks third of Lyth Ninty six pds [pounds] twelve shill [shillings] six pennys £96.12.6
Barrocks part of Kirk, Myrelandnorn and Half Hastigrow including Teind, Eighty pounds nine shill [shillings] six pennys £80.9.6
Item For the Teinds payable out of the third of Lyth, His part of Kirk and Alterwall Sixty two pds. [pounds] two shill. [shillings] eight pennys £62.2.8
Stanstill Southduns part of Kirk, Hastigrow, Myrlandnorn and Teind of Half Myrlandnorn with Seater, Two hundred and Eighty one pounds Ninteen shilling £281.19.0
Southduns part of Clayock Eighty eight pds. [pounds] Fifteen shill. [shillings] eight pen [pennies] £88.15.8
Catchery Thirty eight pounds ten shilling £38.10.0
Achahoy after deduction of Few and Teind ten pds [pounds] five sh [shillings] £10.5.0
Wattin Paroch
Southdun, Houstry, Backless, and Paddockfield Two hundred and Eight one pounds Seventeen shill. [shillings] Six pen [pennies] £281.17.6
Cogill Two hundred pounds £200.0.0
Summa of the 7th Page is Two thousand and six pounds ninteen shilling scots money £2006.19.0

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