Proprietor and land Valuation
Deskfoord Paroch
Sir James Ogilvie Fourtein hundred pounds £1400.0.0
Skeith George Abercrombie One hundred and Eightie pounds £180.0.0
Summa of this paroch £1580.0.0
Rothmay Paroch
Turtrie Arthur Forbes Five hundred and fiftie pounds £550.0.0
Meyen his whole Interest there Seven hundred pounds £700.0.0
Redhill Alexander Smart Fourtie pounds £40.0.0
Auchincreive John Fordyce Ane hundred pounds £100.0.0
George Ruddach Fiftie pounds £50.0.0
John Elleis Fiftie pounds £50.0.0
James Fordyce Fiftie pounds £50.0.0
Walkmilne John Gordone Eightie pounds £80.0.0
Claymyres and Rothimay John Gordone Fifteen hundred and fiftie pounds £1550.0.0
Summa of this paroch £3170.0.0
Aberchirder paroch
Knockorth John Innes Three hundred pounds £300.0.0
Auchindarren Alexander Wilson Three hundred pounds £300.0.0
Elrick and Culbie Alexander James Four hundred pounds £400.0.0
Ardmellie James Gordone Ane hundred and sixtie pounds £160.0.0
Auchintoule Alexander Gordon Five hundred fiftie Nyne pounds £559.0.0
Zeochrie Mr James Gordones Airs Four hundred pounds £400.0.0
Kinairdie David Gregorie One thousand and threttie three pounds £1033.0.0
Crombie Mr George Meldrum Six hundred and ten pounds £610.0.0
Corskie John Abernethie One hundred threttie three pounds 6 ss [shillings] 8 ds [pence] £133.8.6
Cluny Robert Sanders Ane hundred and twentie pounds £120.0.0
Torrstown Alexander Abercrombie Ane hundred threttie three libs [pounds] 6 ss [shillings] 8 ds [pence] £133.6.8
Tilliedowne John Abernethie Sixtie Six pounds £66.0.0
Cranach Sir George Gordone Ane hundred and threttie pounds £130.0.0
Shank and Barrie James Abernethie Ane hundred pounds £100.0.0
Torrax Laird of park Fiftie pounds £50.0.0
Pittendreich Lord Oliphant Four hundred pounds £400.0.0
Summa of this paroch £4894.13.4
Ordewhill paroch
Sir John Gordone of park One Thousand and Seven hundred pounds £1700.0.0
Boyndie Paroch
Poddockburn and Bankhead One hundred and fiftie pounds £150.0.0
Lord Boyne for himself and wodsetters Two thousand one hundred & Eightie pounds £2180.0.0
Raties Lord Boyne Four hundred pounds £400.0.0
Blairmade Two hundred pounds £200.0.0
Baldavie James Ogilvie One hundred and fiftie pounds £150.0.0
William Ogilvies Successors Fourtie pounds £40.0.0
Kirktowne Lord Boyne Ane hundred pounds £100.0.0
Summa of this paroch £3220.0.0
Inverkeithnie paroch
Drachlaw milne One hundred threttie three pound six shilling eight pennies £133.6.8
Kirktoune Ballnoon David Crookshank Four hundred pounds £400.0.0
Ardfour Lord Oliphant Three hundred and fiftie pounds £350.0.0
Dowager of Frendraught Two hund [hundred] sixtie six pounds threttein shilling four pennies £266.13.4
Auchingoule George Crightoun Ane hund [hundred] fiftie three pounds six shilling eight pennies £153.6.8
Downies Ane hundred threttie three pounds £133.0.0
Auchinhamper Two hundred sixtie six pounds £266.0.0
Haddomilne George Sinclair Ane hundred pounds £100.0.0
Over Tullos Alexander Leslie Sixtie Six pounds £66.0.0
Tullos Johnstoun of Craig Three hundred and threttie pounds £330.0.0
Summa of this paroch £2198.6.8
Botriphnie paroch
The Fewers for few dueties Ane hundred and fiftie pounds £150.0.0
Drummuir for his whole lands Six hundred pounds £600.0.0
Belliehack Alexander Duff Two hundred pounds £200.0.0
Westertoun James Anderson Ane Thousand pounds £1000.0.0
Towiebeig Adam James Three hundred pounds £300.0.0
Badenfinnich Walter James Seventie pounds £70.0.0
Summa of this paroch £2320.0.0

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