Proprietor and land Valuation
Rathven Paroch
Carnoch James Cork Fourtie pounds £40.0.0
Bogs John Stewart Twentie six pounds £26.0.0
Gollochy Milne John Mawer Threttie pounds £30.0.0
Laird of Rannes Twelve hundred pounds £1200.0.0
Cairnfield Robert Gordone One hundred and fiftie pounds £150.0.0
Glastirrum Patrick Gordone Sixtie pounds £60.0.0
Orran William paterson Twentie six pounds £26.0.0
Leithiestoun patrick Gordone Ane hundred and twentie pounds £120.0.0
Neither Burkie John Gordone Ane hundred and twentie pound £120.0.0
Ranachie patrick Stewart Ane hundred pounds £100.0.0
Gollachie John Gordone Fourtie pounds £40.0.0
Cowfurroch James Gordon Ane hundred and fiftie pounds £150.0.0
Letterfourie John Gordone Ane hundred pounds £100.0.0
Arradoule Alexander Gordone Ane hundred pounds £100.0.0
Oxhill John Stewart Eightie pounds £80.0.0
Over Buckie John Gordone Nyne hundred pounds £900.0.0
Farsken William Gordone Three hundred pounds £300.0.0
Muldavit John Hay Three hundred pounds £300.0.0
Findochtie William Ord Two hundred and threttie pounds £230.0.0
Curiedoune John Ross Eightie pounds £80.0.0
Duke of Gordone One thousand Eight hundred pounds £1800.0.0
Thornie Bank John Gordone Seventie pounds £70.0.0
Earle of Findlater Three hundred threttie eight pounds £338.0.0
Birkenbush James Gordone Twentie pounds £20.0.0
Bogs Alexander Reid Fifteen pounds £15.0.0
Summa of this paroch £6395.0.0
Bellie paroch
Auchin halrik Duke of Gordone Fourtie pounds £40.0.0
Neither Auchinreith James Andersone Ane hundred pounds £100.0.0
Milne of Tynet James Anderson Twentie pounds £20.0.0
Duke of Gordone Two thousand seven hundred pounds £2700.0.0
Summa of this paroch £2860.0.0

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The valuation Rolls of the Sheriffdome of Banff as they have bein Valued and Rectified by the Commissioners appointed be the Act of Parliament at E[sss] the Sevent of June Jaj vj ct and nyntie yeares. [7 Jun 1690]
[Signed] Patrick Leslye

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