Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward 5150 0 0 more than in the original valuation roll. No evidence can
be found among the Records of the Commissioners of
Supply to shew how or when the increase of L.100 origin-
nated; but it is believed that it was in consequence of a
purchase in the year 1693, by the proprietor of Ardownie,
of part of the Lands of grange. Instead, however, of a
corresponding abatement being made from the valued rent
of Grange, these lands have stood at their original valua-
tion as above, while the lands of Balgillo, Forth, and
Fishings, have paid cess for L.100 less than they ought
to have done.
By Decree of Division, dated 20th May, 1766, the above
cumulo of L666 13s. 4d. for the Lands of Ardownie, is
divided as follows:
Ardownie, and Ashludie and Meadows, holding of the Crown, Baldovie, holding of a subject superior,
Sir James Ramsay, Bart. 530 2 10 666 13 4
Balgillo, Forth, and Fishings 666 13 4 Balgillo, Forth, and Fishings, By Decree of Division, dated 12th September, 1795, pro-
ceeding on a petition for Colonel David Hunter, superior,
and David Fyffe, Esq. proprietor of the lands of Balgillo,
stating that two erroneous Divisions of the valued rent of
Balgillo from that of North Ferry and Fishings having
been obtained, the one on 7th June, 1766, and the other
on 21st July 1767, the same were set aside by Decree of
Reduction of the Lords of the Council and Session, dated 24th June 1795, and therefore praying that a new Divi-
sion might take place, the said Lands of Balgillo, Forth,
and Fishings, are divided as follow:
Lands of Forth, Cunningair, North Ferry and Fishings
holding of the Hon. William Maule, and belonging, in
property, to Charles hunter of Burnside, - -
Lands of Balgillo, belonging to David hunter, Esq. in
superiority, and David Fyffe, Esq. in property,--
L.568 4s 7d
General Hunter 98 8 9 5250 0 0

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