Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £4608.0.0 £4208.6.8
Easter Denside, Fairneyfold, and seven pendicles in Bankhead, to which a share of said Muir fell to be allocated, Lord Douglas, £193.7.10
Remaining Lands, Lord Douglas, £206.12.2
[total] £400.0.0
£4608.6.8 £4608.6.8
*By Decree of Division, dated 2 Oct 1821, the Lands of Newbigging, the valued Rent of which is £180.0.0, is divided as follows, viz.
That part disponed by David Millar, Esq. to David Kerr, Esq. David Kerr, Esq. £179.19.2 3/4
That part reserved, and still the property of David Millar, Esq. David Millar, Esq. £00.0.9 1/4
[total] £180.0.0
Ballumbie, with his Fishings, £1300.0.0 Monyfeith, &c. Hon. [Honorable] William Maule, £1300.0.0
Fishings of Broughty, and Feu-duty £300.0.0 Fishings of Broughty, and Feu-duty, Honorable William Maule, £300.0.0
Grange, including his Fishings, £908.6.8 Grange and North Grange, By Decree of Division, dated 29 Sep 1765, divided thus:
1. Those parts of the Lands of Grange, lately disponed by Thomas Kerr to Robert Kerr, and set in Tack to John Arkley, with the three Plantations, reserved by Robert Kerr, Thomas Kerr, Esq. £194.0.11
2. The five Enclosures called Swinefauld, Stonedyke, Middleshade, Craigwellshade, and South Brownlaw Park, David Kerr, Esq. £136.18.4 1/4
3. The eight Enclosures or Parks, called Boughtlays, Malachy, Kilnshade, Gardener's Park, Wellshade, including a small park called Horsepark, Paradise, Waterford, Dales, and Allan's Park David Kerr, Esq. £358.13.11
£2508.6.8 £689.13.2 1/4 £1600.0.0
Brought forward, £2508.6.8 £689.13.2 1/4 £1600.0.0
4. Garden, Greens, and Plantation David Kerr, Esq. £34.10.8
5. Milnton Park, with an acre of ground on the west side thereof above the road, David Kerr, Esq. £86.6.7
6. These parts, sometime set in tack to P. Stirling, with Bridgemiln, Lintmiln, &c. David Kerr, Esq. £52.1.1 3/4
7. Oilmill Lands David Kerr, Esq. £10.7.2
8. Wright's Croft, with the Lands opposite thereto, and two acres of Land on the West side of Milnton Park David Kerr, Esq. £18.2.7
9. Salmon Fishings belonging to the Lands of Grange David Kerr, Esq. £17.5.4
[total] £908.6.8
Legsland £100.0.0 Wellbank John Alison, Esq. £100.0.0
Kingeanny, £233.6.8 Kingenny, Henry Wedderburn, Esq. £233.6.8
Fintry, for Lumlathen, £466.13.4 Lumlathen, and part Pitkerro By Decree of Division, dated 7 Apr 1804, divided thus:
Those parts of the Estate of Lumlathen which lie upon the north side of the old post road from Dundee to Arbroath, sold by Mr Erskine's trustees to Mungo Dick, Esq. Mungo Dick, Esq. £62.0.10
Remainder of the Estate, Thomas Erskine, Esq. £404.12.6
[total] £466.13.4
Lawes, £225.0.0 Laws, Patrick Anderson, Esq. - (See Division *1) £225.0.0
Omachie, £400.0.0 Omachie David Millar, Esq. - (See Division *2) £400.0.0
The acres of David Durham, £370.0.0 Eathiebeaton
Powrie, for Eathiebeaton, £280.0.0 By Decree of Division, dated divided thus:
Those parts of Eathiebeaton, sold by Mr Millar to Robert Arkley, Esq. consisting of about 313 acres 1 rood and 29 falls, Robert Arkley, Esq. £518.10.7 1/4
Those parts of Eathiebeaton, sold by Millar to Patrick Anderson, Esq. consisting of about 109 acres 1 rood and 3 falls, Patrick Anderson, Esq. £131.9.4 1/4
[total] £650.0.0
Ardownie £400.0.0 Ardownie In the Cess Book for the year 1748, and in all subsequent years, the Lands of Ardownie have stood at the valuation of £666.13.4 and paid Cess accordingly, being £100.0.0
Old Ardownie £166.13.4
Carried over, £5150.0.0 £4583.6.8

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