Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £1700.0.0 £283.6.8 £850.0.0
The remaining cumulo of £566.13.4 was by Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1785, divided thus:
Lands purchased from Mr Scott of Logie, by Mr Cruikshank of Strickathrow Alexander Cruikshank, Esq. £129.10.9
Remainder of the Estate retained by Mr Scott, General Sir John Hope, £437.2.7
[total] £850.0.0
Logie, Scott £850.0.0 Craigo and Galray No Decree of Division of these Lands can be traced; but ever since the year 1748 (the date of the oldest Cess Book extant), they have stood in the Cess Books as under:
Mr James Carnegy, £600.0.0
Galraw £566.13.4
Craigo, David Carnegy, Esq. £1143.15.0
Galray and Ardoch, James Lyall, Esq. £872.18.4
£3716.13.4 £3716.13.4
Earl of Northesk, £900.0.0 Earl of Northesk's Lands, Earl of Northesk, £900.0.0
Arbikie £300.0.0 Arbikie, Mrs Hay Mudie, £300.0.0
Sir Francis Ogilvy, £116.13.4 Lunan, William Taylor, Esq. £116.13.4
Earl of Panmure's Feu, £233.6.8 Lunan, William Taylor, Esq. £233.6.8
£1550.0.0 £1550.0.0
Laird of Lundie, £1000.0.0 Lundie and Ledcrieff, By Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1773, divided thus:
Over Smithston, -- £47.8.11
Ardgarth, -- £48.8.11
Ledcrieff, -- £52.16.0
Remainder of the Barony, -- £851.6.2
[total] -- £1000.0.0
By a subsequent Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1810, divided thus:
1. Lands of Ledcrieff, sold by Mr Duncan of Lundie to Mr Farquharson in 1772 Hon. [Honorable] Mr Hallyburton £52.16.0
2. Lands of Over Smithston, and two-thirds parts of the Lands of Ardgarth, belonging to Lord Duncan, both in property and superiority, Lord Duncan, £81.1.10
3. Lands of Kirkton and Mills of Lundie, Lord Duncan £152.3.3
4. Lands of Easter Ledyet, Lord Duncan £73.6.1
5. Lands of Wester Ledyet, Lord Duncan £29.9.1 1/2
6. Lands called the Brewseat, Lord Duncan £14.19.8
7. Lands called the Mains and Burnside, Lord Duncan £301.18.10
8. Lands of Pittermo, Lord Duncan £202.1.1
9. The third-part of the Lands of Ardgarth, Lord Duncan £25.15.9
10. Lands of Nether Smithston Lord Duncan £32.3.9
11. Lands of Balshando, Lord Duncan £29.9.1 1/2
12. Pendicle called Smiddy Lands, Houses and Pertinents, Lord Duncan £4.15.6
[total] £1000.0.0
Earl of Strathmore for Pitlyell, £233.6.8 Pitlyell, Lord Duncan, £233.6.8
Clushmilne, £66.13.4 Clushmilne, Lord Duncan £66.13.4
Easter Keith and Pittendreich, £200.0.0 Easter Keith and Pittendreich Lord Duncan £200.0.0
Kirklands of Lundie to Invereighty, £40.0.0 Kirklands of Lundie, Lord Duncan £40.0.0
£1540.0.0 £1540.0.0

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