Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Brought forward, £4618.6.8 £4011.13.4
Lord Gray's valued Rent has ever since stood at the above sum of -- £586.13.4
Inde, Lord Gray, £586.13.4
In the same Cess Book, viz. 1748, there is an entry of Lands belonging to Patrick Watson, £40.0.0 These Lands were afterwards acquired by Mr Constable, and Cess is now paid for them by the present Proprietor, Thomas Watson £40.0.0
It thus appears, that from the date of the original Roll, (1683) to the date of the oldest Cess Book, (1748) an increase of £40.0.0 had arisen, but from what cause it is now impossible to discover. It has been seen above, that there is a decrease of £20.0.0 on the Lands of Invergowrie, and probably that sum had made part of the above increase of £40.0.0
£4618.6.8 By a Warrant of the Commissioners of Supply, dated 30 Apr 1799, the following Lands were ordered to be transferred from the Parish of Dundee to the Parish of Liff:
Blackness £1250.0.0 Blsckness In the oldest Cess Book, and in all subsequent years, these Lands are entered at £1237.10.0 being £12.10.0 less than the original valuation Trustees of A.G. Hunter, Esq. £1237.10.0
Logie £316.13.4 Logie, Mrs Anderson, £316.13.4
Balgayes £666.13.4 Balgay Miss Anderson, £666.13.4
£6851.13.4 £6859.3.4
Increase in this Parish £7.10.0
Arising thus:-Increase on Lord Gray and Thomas Watson's Lands of Liff, £40.0.0
Deduct decrease on Invergowrie £20.0.0
Deduct decrease on Blackness, £12.10.0
[total] £32.10.0
Earl of Airly £1074.12.4 Barony of Lintrathen By Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1811, divided thus:
Easter Plough of Formal, John Smyth, Esq. £34.0.10
Easter Peel, Earl of Airly, £42.15.9
Remainder of the Barony, Earl of Airly, £997.15.9
[total] £1074.12.4
Peel, £60.0.0 Peel and Blackdykes, By Decree of Division, dated 30 Apr 1811, divided thus:
Those parts of Peel remaining with John Smyth, Esq. John Smyth, Esq. £43.17.8
Three-fourths of Blackdykes, belonging to John Mills John Smyth, Esq. £12.1.9
One-fourth of Blackdykes, belonging to William Alexander, William Alexander, £4.0.7
[total] £60.0.0
Lord Ogilvy, for Fornaty, £86.13.4 Fornaty, Earl of Airly, £86.13.4
Shannaly, £166.13.4 Shannaly, Earl of Airly, £166.13.4
Invercarity, for Ballintore, £170.13.4 Ballintore, &c. By Decree of Division, dated 7 May 1791, divided thus:
Easter Coull, as possessed by John Duncan, Charles Lyell, Esq. £40.7.11
Burnside of Ballintore, as possessed by Alexander Ogilvy, Charles Lyell, Esq. £36.7.1
Mains of Ballintore, as possessed by Barbara Gibson, Charles Lyell, Esq. £57.11.3
Westerton of Ballintore, as possessed by William Mill, Charles Lyell, Esq. £36.7.1
[total] £170.13.4
Easter Glenquharity, £70.0.0 Easter Glenquharity, James Ogilvy, Esq. £70.0.0
£1628.12.4 £1628.12.4
Sir John Falconar, £850.0.0 Pert, Earl of Kintore, £850.0.0
Logy £850.0.0 Ballachie, Over Pert, and From the oldest Cess Book, extant, viz. that of 1748, it appears that the Lands of Ballachie had at some former period been divided from the other Lands here described.
They are entered as under, and have ever since continued:
Ballachy, Miss Erskine, £283.6.8
Carried over, £1700.0.0 £283.6.8 £850.0.0

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