Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Earl of Northesk, £636.0.0 Lower, In the oldest Cess Book extant (viz. 1748), these lands are stated at £633.0.0, and have ever since continued at that valuation*, Patrick Carnegy, Esq. £633.0.0
Balmashannar, £150.0.0 Balmashannar, Patrick Carnegy, Esq. £150.0.0
Turfbeg, £300.0.0 Turfbeg, Charles Gray, Esq. £300.0.0
Carseburn, Myreside, and pertinents, £54.19.0 Carseburn and Myreside, No Decree of Division can be traced;—but for many years these lands have been entered in the Cess Books, and paid cess as under:
Carseburn, Charles Gray, Esq. £27.9.6
Myreside, Mr Dempster's Heirs, £27.9.6
[total] £54.19.0
Burnside, £266.13.4 Auchterforfar and Walton, Mr Dempster's Heirs, £266.13.4
Restenneth, £150.0.0 Restenneth, Mr Dempster's Heirs, £150.0.0
Halkerton, £233.6.8 Halkerton, Hugh Maxwell, Esq. £233.6.8
Little Mill, £66.13.4 Little Mill, Francis Grahame, Esq. £66.13.4
Pitruchie, £100.0.0 Pitruchie, John Kerr, Esq. £100.0.0
Clocksbriggs, £100.0.0 Clocksbriggs, James Anderson, Esq. £100.0.0
Ballenshoe, £233.6.8 Craignathro, Charles Greenhill, Esq. £233.6.8
Kincaldrum, for New Muir of Meathie, £66.13.4 Muir of Meathie, John Watt, Esq. £66.13.4
Wester Dod, Transferred from parish of Rescobie, in which it is entered in Original Roll, General Hunter, £233.6.8
[total] £2587.19.0
Increase on this Parish, being the Lands of Wester Dod transferred from Rescobie, £233.6.8
Decrease, being £3.0.0 lost on the valued rent of Lower as above £3.0.0
[total] £230.6.8
*By minute of the Committee of 21st March, 1821, the £3.0.0 deficient on Lower is ordered to be added. The valued rent of Lower will therefore be £636.0.0 as per original roll.
Earl of Strathmore, £2475.0.0 Glammis, including Rochilhill, By Decree of Division, dated 16th June, 1767, divided thus:
1. Glammis-town, Myretown, Westhill, and Lands sometime belonging to the Abbey of Arbroath, wadset to Mr George Chapman, Earl of Strathmore, £464.11.8
2. Balnamoon, Bridge-end, Clippethills, Newton, Wellfield, Holemiln, Ewnie, Arniefoul, Mill thereof, Shepherd's Seat, and Knockenny, wadset to James Badenoch, Earl of Strathmore, £503.2.4
3. Thornton, wadset to John Lyon, Earl of Strathmore, £197.12.10
4. Templebank, Haystoun, Little Cossans, Drumglays, and Lochmiln, wadset to George Pilmer, Earl of Strathmore, £498.10.4
5. Cossans, wadset to John Donaldson, Earl of Strathmore, £109.11.5
6. Philipstown, Mosstown, Bents, Mains of Glammis, and Loch of Forfar, remaining with the Earl of Strathmore, Earl of Strathmore, £416.14.0
7. Feu duty of Rochilhill, Earl of Strathmore, £1.8.10
8. Feu duty of Woodfold, Earl of Strathmore, £1.16.1
9. Feu duty of Crawslands, Earl of Strathmore, £1.8.10
10. Feu duty of Waulkmiln, Earl of Strathmore, £2.13.10
11. Feu duty of Foffarty, Earl of Strathmore, £2.3.3
12. Feu duty of Easter Denoon, Earl of Strathmore, £2.14.1
13. Feu duty of Wester Denoon, Earl of Strathmore, £12.12.6
14. Foffarty, formerly belonging to John Arnot, Earl of Strathmore, £140.0.0
15. Woodfold, formerly belonging to James Doig, Earl of Strathmore, £20.0.0
16. Rochilhill, James Ogilvy Henderson, £100.0.0
[total] £2475.0.0
Easter Denoon, £266.13.4 Part of the Estate of Glammis, Earl of Strathmore, £266.13.4
Wester Denoon, £300.0.0 Part of the Estate of Glammis, Earl of Strathmore, £300.0.0
Walkmiln, £13.6.8 Part of the Estate of Glammis, Earl of Strathmore, £13.6.8
Alexander Craw's two acres in Glammis, £6.6.8 Part of the Estate of Glammis, Earl of Strathmore, £6.6.8
Scroggerfield, £100.0.0 Part of the Estate of Glammis and part Bridgeton, By Decree of Division, dated 5th Oct. [October] 1813, divided thus:
1. Lord Strathmore's part, Earl of Strathmore, £85.0.0
2. Mr Douglas's part, Robert Douglas, Esq. £15.0.0 Earl of Home
[total] £100.0.0
Archbishop of St. Andrew's £225.0.0 Bishop's Rents, University of St. Andrew's, £225.0.0
Claverhouse, £750.0.0 Barony of Ogilvy, Lord Douglas, £750.0.0
£4136.6.8 £4136.6.8

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