Lands, per Original Roll, 1683 Rent per Orig Roll Present Names of Lands Divisions Present Proprietors Valued Rent as Divided Cumulo Valued Rent
Ruthven, now Kilrie, £700.0.0 Kilrie, The Barony of Kilrie appears to have been feued at different periods. No decree of division of the haill Barony can be traced, but the following divisions occur in the Cess Books.
In the oldest Cess Book extant, viz. that of 1748, the following divisions appear, and have ever since continued:
David Read, for one-third of Auchrenny, David Hill, £37.0.0
John and James Grewar, for Netherton of Easter Craig, John and James Grewar, £140.0.0
John Hill, for Easter and Wester Cotton of Craig, John Hill, £100.0.0
Mr Gibson, for Wester Derry and Dykehead of Craig, John Thom and others, £170.0.0
Alexander McDougal, for Mill and Mill Lands of Craig, Patrick Ogilvy, £70.0.0
James Henderson, for Westerton of Easter Derry and Langlands, Playfair, £36.13.4
In the Cess Book for the year 1749, the following entries appear, and have since continued:
William Spalding, for Burnside, John Spalding, £40.0.0
Thomas Clark, for Easter Loanhead, Thomas Clark, £13.8.8
In the Cess Book for the year 1751, the following entry appears, and has been since continued:
William Meek, for Wetloans, David Duncan, £20.0.0
In the Cess Book for the year 1756, the following entry appears, and has been since continued:
James Mitchell, for Easter Derry, James Wooler, £23.6.8
By decree of division, dated 30th April, 1781, the following portions are divided:
John Paterson, for Lands in Kilrie, James Clark, £6.0.0
George Dulich, for Lands in Kilrie, John Whitson, £6.0.0
for Pearson read Paterson John Spalding, for Lands in Kilrie, formerly John Pearson, John Spalding, £6.0.0
The remaining portion does not appear in any of the Cess Books, and it is supposed it still forms part of the cumulo, for which Colonel Kinloch, the superior, pays Cess on his haill lands, Colonel Kinloch, £31.11.4
[total] £700.0.0
Craig Ogilvy Cluiny, £233.6.8 Craig, In the oldest Cess Book, viz. 1748, these Lands are stated at £233.0.0, and have ever since continued at that valuation; but the 6s.8d. [£0.6.8] is now added, with consent of the Proprietor, and taken from the Lands of Newton, as under Earl of Airly, £233.6.8
Bamff, for Nether Drumfogus, £40.0.0 Drumfogus, &c. Sir James Ramsay, Bart. [Baronet] £40.0.0
Over and Middle Drumfogus, £125.0.0 Sir James Ramsay, Baronet £125.0.0
Carried over, £1098.6.8 £1098.6.8
Brought forward, £1098.6.8 £1098.6.8
Auchrennies, £75.0.0 Auchrenny, David Duncan, £75.0.0
Earl of Airly, including his acres, £400.0.0 Fortar and Crandart, Earl of Airly, £400.0.0
Craignitie, £200.0.0 Craignitie, Earl of Airly, £200.0.0
The heall Heritors of the Lands of Newton, £333.6.8 Newton - East Miln, In the Cess Book 1748, these Lands are thus entered, and have since continued:-
Newton Ogilvie, £56.13.4 Earl of Airly, £56.6.8
East Mill of Glenisla, Francis Rattray, Esq. £277.0.0
[total] £333.6.8
N.B. - In the Lands of Craig above-mentioned, there is a deficiency of 6s. 8d. [£0.6.8] - In the above Lands of Newton, there appears to be an excess of 6s. 8d. [£0.6.8] - As both these properties belong to the Earl of Airly, his cumulo, from the above circumstance, is not affected - (See Craig above.)
Pitlochrie, £66.13.4 Pitlochrie, Francis Rattray, Esq. £66.13.4
Bellatie, £266.13.4 Bellatie and Cammock, In the Cess Book for the year 1748, the Lands of Cammock are entered thus, and have ever since continued:-
David Duncan, for thwo-thirds of Cammock, John Moncur, £120.0.0
In the Cess Book for 1758, the Lands of Bellaty appear for the first time separately entered, and have ever since continued, as under:-
Bellaty, John Murray, Esq. £146.13.4
[total] £266.13.4
Laird of Lundie's Feu, £70.0.0 Hon. [Honourable] Archibald Stewart's Feu, Hon. [Honourable] Archibald Stewart £70.0.0
Feuars of Glenisla, £1000.0.0 Argyle's Barony, By decree of division, dated 6th October, 1807, divided thus:-
1. Mr Rattray of Kirkhillock, -- £43.0.0
Mr Rattray for six roods in Inverharity, -- £4.9.0
Mr Rattray for Wester Kirkton, -- £14.0.0
Mr Rattray for Bewlands. -- £22.0.0
Mr Rattray for Nether Auchinleish, -- £34.12.0
Mr Rattray for Over Alrick, -- £47.12.0
£3510.0.0 [total] -- £165.13.0 £2510.0.0

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