Parish Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
No. 49. Rescobie Parish Scots
Charles Hunter Esq Burnside £516.13.4
Alexander Watson Esq Drimmie £166.13.4
Charles Gray Esq Heatherstacks £133.6.8
Major Fraiser Balmadies £533.6.8
Charles Gray Esq Carsebank £216.13.4
Charles Gray Esq Quilko £150.3.4
Charles Gray Esq Carse £80.10.0
Alexander Watson Esq His lands £22.0.0
Mr Dickson His lands £100.0.0
Mr William Scott Rosewallie £100.0.0
Lord Strathmore Feu £29.16.8
Mr Farquhar Pitscandle £566.13.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £2615.16.8
No. 50. Ruthven Parish
James Ogilvy Esq Islabank £700.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £700.0.0

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