Proprietor and land Valuation
9 parish of Old Machar
Earle of Panmuir Three Hundreth pund £300.0.0
Laird of Pitfoddells £501.1.2
Old Toune of Abirdeen £650.0.0
Relict of Mr William Moir £200.0.0
Dr [Doctor] Moir £150.0.0
George Cruikshank for his Lands & fyshing £400.0.0
Andro Cassie £8.0.0
Laird of Balgaunie £720.0.0
Grandhome £433.6.8
John Moir of Stonnie wood £700.0.0
Bishops Clintertie £66.13.4
John Jaffry of Dilspro £166.13.4
Hiltone £450.0.0
relict of John Moir for Suniesyde £45.0.0
Mr James Sandilands £240.0.0
Alexander Alexander Baillie £166.13.4
Whitstrypes £110.0.0
Ruthriestone £300.0.0
Pitmuxtoune £120.0.0
Mr Patrick Sandilands of Cottoune £143.6.8
Gordonsmilne £150.0.0
James Gordon Seatonne £333.6.8
Relict of Mr William Johnstone £166.13.4
Thomas Mitchell Baillie £300.0.0
Peterstoune £50.0.0
Sclettie £70.0.0
Relict of Mr James Sandilands £70.0.0
Gilbert Black £50.0.0
Summa is £7060.14.6
10 parish of New Aberdeen
Relict of John Dowglass £266.13.4
Airs of Mr Thomas Buck £166.13.4
Summa is £433.6.8
Summa of the haill presbitrie of Aberdeen is Twentie six Thousand one Hundreth & nynteen pund nyne shill [shillings] and six pennies £26119.9.[6]

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Presbitrie of Abordeen
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