Proprietor and land Valuation
Byshop of Aberdeen for his rents in the Shyre throf [thereof] £1666.13.4
Parsone of Auchterless £100.0.0
Parsone of Kincardine oneill £300.0.0
Parsone of Invernochtie £100.0.0
Parsone of Turreff £300.0.0
Parsone of Logiebuchan £200.0.0
Parsone of Monymusk to witt the Byshop of Dumblain £100.0.0
Arch byshop of Saint Andrews £150.0.0
Summa is £2916.13.4
The Generall Soumes of the Valuatione of the Severall presbitries of the Shyre of Abd [Aberdeen] are as Followes
Presbitrie of Kincardine £32255.13.6
Presbitrie of Gareoch £34212.13.4
Presbitrie of Alphord £22165.18.10
Presbitrie of Strathbogie £11224.11.9
Presbitrie of Turreff £27835.13.8
Presbitrie of Deer £40533.17.4
Presbitrie of Ellon £38976.2.6
Presbitrie of Aberdein £26119.9.6
Kirklands £2916.13.4
Summa Totalis Two hundreth threttie Sex Thousand two hundreth and fourtie punds thretein shilling nyne pennies £236240.13.9

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