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Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Actual # 1 horse (10s) 2 horses 3-5 horses 6 or more horses Duty 10% per 31 George III
Country part of Rothsay
9 [--] 1794 William McLeod Bannatyne Esqre. Kaims 2 2 £1.5.0 £0.2.6
2 2 £1.5.0 £0.2.6

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Survey of the Rates & Duties upon Carriages & Saddle Horses within the Shire of
Bute from 5th April 1794 to 5th April 1795 By Robert Aiken Surveyor

1 horse @ 10/ [£0.10.0] is £0.10.0
1 horse @ 15/ [£0.15.0] is £0.15.0
[Total] £1.5.0
10 P [Per] Cent thereon -- £0.2.6
Total by Proof -- £1.7.6

I Robert Aiken Surveyor Aforesaid Do hereby Certify
that upon Carefull Examination of the foregoing Rates
and Duties I find they amount to one pound five
Shillings Stg [Sterling] which with the ten per Cent duty
thereon being two shillings and sixpence Stg [Sterling]
makes them in whole amount to One pound
Seven Shillings & sixpence str [Sterling] And that upon
the fourth day of Oct [October] last I deliverd to
Alexander May Esq Collector of said duteis
for said County at his office an exact
Duplicate of And duely Examined & Compared
with the foregoing Account which Contained
my Oath That Notifications were Delivered or
left of the dates foresaid And that the Rates
& Duties Charged in said Account were just
and true to the best of my Skill & knowledge
And to the best of my belief no person liable to
be Charged was omitted
[signed] Robert Aiken

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