Hearth tax transcription

The haill hearthes of the sd [said] shire
conteined in the Fyfteen leafes of this
booke extend to the number of tuo thousand
three hundreth sextie tuo hearthes is -- 2362

Deficient & poor therof tuo hundreth & eleven
hearthes is -- 211

Rests of payable hearthes tuo thousand
ane hundreth & Fyftie ane -- 2151

Is in money ane thousand fyve hundreth
& Fyve pounds fourteen shillings Scots -- £1505.14.0

Payed therof in money per bill to Mr
Scrymsour tuelve hundreth lib [pounds] -- £1200.0.0

Rests as yet be the Compter
three hundreth & fyve pounds 14sh. [shillings] -- £305.14.0

For collecting & expensses

Erroures excepted

Ther is tuentie one hearthes Wrong in
the calcull [calculation] of the haill hearthes as
on the uther syde

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