Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Servants names Number of servants Bachelor servants One servant Two servants Three or more servants Duty
22 Aug 1786 Pittenweem
Mrs Pounton Janet Mitchell House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
James Blackwood Kathrin Sten House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Alexander Hunter Ballie Elder House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Miss Hogg Margrat Annen House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
George Gleig Jean Thomson House Maid 1 1 £0.5.0
Margrat Murray Marey Posly House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Mr Pittcarn Lamb Janet Pralls House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Doctor John Aitken Marey Lawson House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
8 1 7 £1.2.6

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Proof 1 Servant Bachelor at 5/- [£0.5.0] is £0.5.0
7 Servants at 2/6 [£0.2.6] is £0.17.6

I Charles Robb Surveyor aforesaid do hereby Certify that upon Careful Examination of the
foregoing Several Rates and Duties I find they Amount in wholl to the Sum of One pound
Two Shillings and Six pence Sterlling and that upon the Sixth day of November
I delivered to Alexander Aitkison Collector for the Burgh aforesaid an Exact Duplicate
of the above Account duly Examined and Compared with the foregoing which Contained
my Oath that Notices were left with the Several Inhabitants or at their Dwelling houses
of the Dates Annexed to their Respective Names that they were to be Charged with the Sumes
thereby Certified to be dwe from them.
[Signed] Charles Robb Surveyor

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