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Anno 1653

The Valuation of the free Rent of Orkney Compre
-hending [Comprehending] Earldom & Bishoprick, Heretors and
others, Taken upon Oath By Collonell John Stewart
of Newark, Patrick Smyth of Brako, Robert
Stewart of Brugh, Patrick Monteith of Egilshay
William Craigie of Gairsey, David McClellan of
Woodwick Mr Patrick Grahame of Rothisholm,
James Baikie of Tankerness and John, Edmun
-ston [Edmunston] Baillie of Kirkwall, this 18th Day of
October 1653.

Valuation Is

The Meill of Malt -- £3.6.8
The Meill of Meall -- £4.0.0
The Barrell of Butter -- £20.0.0
The Meill of Flesh -- £1.0.0
The 1 lispound butter -- £2.0.0

John Urquhart Donald Groat
Andrew Young

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On later pages of this book, there is a catchword at the end of the page (but before any signatures): this is the first word of the next page.

The meil (spelling varies) was a Scandinavian measure of weight used in Orkney. The lispund was likewise a measure of weight, used around the Baltic, and in Orkney mainly for butter and oil.

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