Proprietor and land Valuation
Collonell John Stewart of Newark has of free Rent forth of his Lands of the Island of Coupinshay within the said Parochin Thirty Meills Malt, ane Barrell Butter & for flesh £20.0.0
More he has out of Aire Thirty Meills of Malt, One Barrell of Butter & £20.0.0 for Flesh
Item of Newark Thirteen Meills of Malt and for Flesh £6.0.0, and Three Lispond of Butter
Item for Grassums and Scat Silver of the forenamed Lands £18.12.0
in all Three Score Thirteen Meills Malt, Two Barrells three Lisponds Butter and £64.12.0 Money
Whereof Deduces for the few Dutys of the saids Lands the Sum of £50.0.0 Scots Money. Sua Remains three Score thirteen Meills Malt, Two Barrells three Lispond Butter, £14.12.0 Money, Extends in money at the prices foresaid to the sum of £303.18.8
David Aitken in Sandaitken has of free rent of his Lands there Ane Meill Malt is £3.6.8
John Voy has there of free Rent four Meills Malt is £13.6.8
Gilbert Irving has of free Rent of his Lands there Two meills Malt, More in Braebuster Two Meills half Meill Malt, more in Keager and Kirbuster five Settings Malt is £17.15.6 ⅔
Robert Pottinger has of free Rent of his Lands in Hall[a] four Settings half setting Malt, in Sandaitken Ten Sett[ings] Malt, In Deldall ane Meill Malt, in Halla ane Me[ill] Malt, is in Money £14.14.2 ⅓
James Bernardson has of free Rent of his Lands in Holland Eight Settings Malt Is in Money £4.8.10 ⅔
William Stove has of free Rent of his lands in Five Settings Malt is
Five Settings Malt is 55 B[arrels] 6 ⅔ & [?]
James Finnison has of free Rent of his Lands in Kirbuster four Settings Malt is £44.5 ⅔
John Pottinger Skipper has of free rent of his lands in Halla ane meill Malt is three pound Six Shilling Eight pennies
Alex [Alexander]Ewnson in Whitefurd has of free Rent of his Lands in Halla Two Meills Malt is Six pound Thirteen Shilling four pennies
Robert Sinclair of Sabay has of free Rent of his Lands in Holland Nine Meills Malt, More in Kirbuster, Two Meills half Meill malt and ane Barrell of ButterIn Brabuster twenty five Meills four Settings Malt Is in all Thirty Seven Meills ane setting Malt and ane Barrell butter. Is in Money One Hundred fourty three pound seventeed shilling nine pennies third of a penny
James Baikie of Tankerness has of free Rent of his Lands in Sandwick and Teinds thereof Three score meills Malt, is Two Hundred Pounds

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[signed] John Urquhart
D O Groat
Andr[ew] Young

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