Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
John Crauford Milntoun £125.0.0
Westnewton £47.0.0
Broomhill £280.0.0
Coustnon and Over Possil £210.0.0
John Sproul Balquharn £90.12.0
Hoganfeild £50.0.0
... of Barrrowfeild Balgray £112.10.0
C W Dunwoodie Jermiston and Batornock £118.15.0
George McTagget His Lands there £28.2.0
William Menzies His Lands there £50.0.0
Thomas Scot His Lands there £25.0.0
Mr. Orr Stobcross £250.0.0
John Gibson Newton £86.0.0
Walter Gibson His Lands £47.0.0
The Wheat Miln Morttd. [Mortified] £200.0.0
Provost Gibson His Lands £14.0.0
Thomas Craig His Lands £4.0.0
William Henry His Lands £4.0.0
Patrick Bell Cowcaddens £44.0.0
Blythswood and Woodside £780.0.0
Kyppoch and North Wood side £178.0.0
Allan Dreghorn Rouchill £110.0.0
Two third parts of Garrioch £86.13.4
Thomas Dunmoor One third part of Garrioch £43.6.8
The Lord President of the Court of Session His part of the lands of Garbreads £29.14.6
Mr Campbell of Clathie Part of said Lands £20.12.2
Mr and Mrs Graham Part of said Lands £59.13.4
Robert Graham Lambhill £40.0.0
John Bryce Part of Lambhill £20.0.0
William Crawford Lochburn £20.0.0
Mr Crawford Wester Possil £133.6.8
Hutchisons Hospital Ramshorn and Meadowsflatt £250.0.0
William Crawford Possil £115.0.0
Over Carntyn £80.0.0
Carried forward £3752.5.8
Brot. [Brought] forward £3752.5.8
Nether Carntyn £70.0.0
John McCulloch His Lands £20.0.0
Henmuire £133.0.0
John Corbett His Lands £28.0.0
James Gray Dalmarnock in property £60.0.0
James Gray Carntyne £42.0.0
... of Barrowfeild Part of Carntyne £37.0.0
Mr Anderson Part of Carntyne £104.0.0
Mrs Jean Gilhagie Robert Graham and Walter Buchannan Their part of CArntyne £59.0.0
Merchant House Wester Craigs £150.0.0
John Cross Glendshill £60.0.0
William Gray Merchant in Glasgow His part of Sandihills £19.9.4
George Buchannan Merchant there His part of Sandiehills £14.12.0
James Downie His part of Sandihills £32.12.1⁶/₁₀
James Henderson Weaver His part of Sandiehills £6.6.6⁴/₁₀
James Tennant His Lands there £25.0.0
... of Boglishole His Lands £19.0.0
Archibald Morton His Lands £6.0.0
Mathew Wotherspoon His two Silling and Six penny Land of Pian £5.1.0
Colin Dunlop Outfield of Sandiehill £22.13.0
William Mathie Thirty six Shilling Land of Sandiehill £45.6.0
James Murray Boighall £22.0.0
Andrew Neilson His Lands there £19.0.0
George Tod Haghill £60.0.0
James Mitchel Shettleston £64.0.0
Alexander Wardrop His Lands there £42.0.0
Andrew Murray His Lands there £22.0.0
John Armour His Lands there £7.0.0
Robert Bogle Shettlestown £72.11.2½
Carried forward £5019.16.10½

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