Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Brot. [Brought] forward £5019.16.10½
Elizabeth Wardrop & Husband Easthorn and Dalbeith £78.8.9½
James Gray His part of said land called Newlands £82.0.0
John Petticrew Shettleston £76.0.0
William Crawford His Lands £6.0.0
Alexander Scot His Lands £48.0.0
Umphra Luke Dalbeith £40.0.0
Elixabeth Wardrop and Husband Westhorn £208.0.0
James Gray Kennyhill part of West Thorn £44.0.0
Archibald Smellie His Lands there £73.0.0
Robert Luke His LAnds in East Thorn £40.0.0
John Johnston His Lands £12.0.0
Tow Cross £220.0.0
John Grierson His Lands £60.0.0
Lands of Gousefauld £115.12.6
Farm of Clydeside £136.0.5
Farm of Highlands £18.2.2
Farm of Todlees amd Langlees £72.10.2
farm of Roundfauld £62.7.0
Lands of Dovecoat and Fir park £36.5.2
Lands of Middle park £17.0.0
Lands of Burn and Well park £27.4.0
John Orr The Back park or Back part of Borrowfeild £113.7.2
Lands of Foordneuck and Gallowfauld £59.15.0
Lands of Stabtree Park £58.18.0
Lands of Broonward £37.8.0
Garden Bowling Green and avenues of Barrowfeild £24.18.4
Lands of Blackfauld and Eastfeild and Westfeild and
Carried forward £6786.13.7
Brot. [Brought] forward £6786.13.7
John Orr .. the Feus thereof called Coulton £158.4.1
Lands of Barneuck £37.8.0
Robert Rae Broken Aikers £138.0.0
John Graham His Lands £35.0.0
James Gray Dalmarnock £125.0.0
Henry Wardrop Dalmarnock £60.0.0
Mr Bell His Lands of Provosthaugh £43.0.0
John Liston and Mary Watson Their Lands £57.0.0
David Allan Seven Acres of Broken Acres £39.13.4
David Bannerman Four Acres of Broken Acres £22.13.4
Toun of Glasgow One Acre thereof £5.13.4
The Taylors Their Mortified Lands £123.0.0
John Reid His Lands £38.0.0
The Bishoprick of Glasgows Lands £4000.0.0
College Their Lands £16.0.0
William Shiells His Lands £5.0.0
Richard Bell His LAnds £13.0.0
Joseph Arbuckle His Lands £13.0.0
Toun of Glasgow Linnins Haugh £80.0.0
Toun of Glasgow Their part of the Lands of Provan £25.13.4
Robert Lang His Lands there £13.0.0
John Dixon His Lands there £40.10.0
William Smith His Lands there £57.7.0
George Millar Gartcraig £55.10.0
James Hill Gartsheugh £48.0.0
George Provand Riddrie Park £37.0.0
John Cameron Provan £142.6.0
John Letham His LAnds there £33.5.0
William Hamilton His Lands there £188.5.0
James Millar His Lands there £11.2.6
John Mickle, John and James McMillan Their Lands £132.17.6
Carried forward £12587.2.0

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