Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Brot. [Brought] forward £5333.11.8
James Archibald Heuck and £40.0.0
Overlitham £62.0..0
Grains £18.0.0
Gallowmuirhead £11.0.0
Caldergreen £16.0.0
John Fleeming Cranduff £27.0.0
Mungo Cochran His Lands in Carnduff £27.0.0
William Allason His Lands in Carnduff £31.0.0
Thomas Steel His Lands i Carnduff £29.0.0
Gavin Semple Maidenburn £25.0.0
James Morton His lands in Maidenburn £25.0.0
Blackmoss £18.0.0
Michael Thomson Corniegroats £8.0.0
James Weir Gallowhill £4.0.0
Collinghill £6.0.0
John Meikle His part of Letham £34.5.8
James Tennant Letham £40.2.0
John Steel Letham £30.15.6
John Riddle His Lands in Letham £1.10.0
William Cochran Tounend and an 8/4th Land of the £5 land of Strathaven and an house in Srathaven £58.0.0
West Newton £77.0.0
East Newton and three Acres in Barnside £54.0.0
James Thomson Queyholm £40.0.0
Andrew Hamilton East Newton £40.0.0
Overside £39.0.0
James Thomson in property and James Young in Superiority Netherside £20.0.0
... of Dalserf East Newton £6.13.4
Andrew Scot His Lands £5.6.8
..... of Bargenie His Lands £64.0.0
Alexander watson His LAnds £2.0.0
Carried forward £6198.4.10
Brot. [Brought] forward £6198.4.10
Goodsburn £20.0.0
James Young Netherfield and Balgreen in property & Superiority £198.6.8
John Alston in Property and said James Young in Superiority Part of Netherfield £70.0.0
John Walkers heirs in property and said James Young in Superiority Part of Netherfeild £10.0.0
Overtoun £118.0.0
Robert Mutter Walstonhead £75.0.0
William Brown His part of Alstonhead £25.0.0
John Semple East Overtoun £52.6.8
Whiteshawgate £61.6.8
William Hamilton Letham £101.13.4
Thomas Semple Uolstonhead £10.0.0
William Struthers His Lands in Uolstonheaf £6.13.4
William Struthers His LAnds in Uolstonhead £43.6.8
William Marshall His Lands in Uolstonhead £10.0.0
Alexander Steel His Lands in Uolstonhead £10.0.0
Mr William Steels heirs Cauldstream £65.0.0
William Allan Cauldstream £73.0.0
John and James Lausons Netherfeild dyke £103.0.0
William Allan His part of Netherfauld dyke £150.0.0
The Town of Strathaven £244.3.4
James Hamilton His part of the Toun of Strathaven £20.0.0
Total valuation of this Parish £7665.1.6
In the Valuation Book the Cumulo Valuation of this Parish is stated at £7650.0.0 to £7665.1.6 thereby making a deficiency in the valuation Book of £15.1.6

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Avondale or Strathavon

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Avondale or Strathaven

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