Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Avondale or Strathaven Scots.
Brot [Brought] forward £3031.5.0
Watson His part of Rodgers Merk Land £13.6.8
Alexander Cochrane Craig £72.0.0
Thomas Watson Kypes Craig £12.2.0
James Stewart Craigmuir £20.0.0
David Jack Craigmiln and Dykehead £24.0.0
John Meikle Five Shilling House £18.0.0
James Meikle Neuckhead £14.0.0
John and Alexander Barrs Neuckfoot £21.0.0
Alexander Leiper Burnbrae £61.0.0
John Fram Kype £36.0.0
John Hamilton West Kype £115.3.2
Andrew Dykes West Meadows £4.16.10
William Dykes Hizlebank £19.15.0
St. Brides Chapple £24.0.0
Stewart and Riddle Their part of Priestgill £57.10.0
James Granger His Part of Priestgill £14.7.6
Thomas Gilmour His Part of Priestgill £43.2.6
Agnes Herse Her part of Priestgill £57.10.0
John Semple Hizlebank £20.12.0
Agnes Herse Her Lands of Hizlebank £19.2.0
Thomas Stewart Hizlebank £20.12.0
William Dykes Kirkwood £37.5.0
John Smiths heirs Kirkwood £42.5.0
William Dykes Lambhill £37.5.0
William Browning Cauldcoats £17.0.0
Gavin Stewart Water £19.0.0
James Bryce Templeland £7.10.0
James Young Pielhill £49.0.0
Thomas Brounlee Torefoot £18.0.0
Thomas Hamilton His Lands in Torefoot £18.0.0
Alexander Morton Drumbowie £34.0.0
Young His Lands in Drumbowie £34.0.0
The Half of Meadowfoot Stottieside £18.4.4
The other half of Meadowfoot £18.4.4
Carried forward £4068.18.4
Avondale or Strathaven Scots
Brot [Brought] forward £4068.18.4
Meadowhead £18.2.4
Meikle Hairshaw £54.10.0
Little Hairshaw £56.0.0
Andrew Hamilton Dremilog £42.0.0
William Fleeming Rydeing £48.0.0
James Young Nether Linbank in Property and Superiority £66.0.0
James Young Middle Linbank in Property and Superiority £63.0.0
James Young Over Linbank in Property and Superiority £70.0.0
James Cullen His Lands £2.10.0
Mr Yuil His Lands £15.0.0
James Currie Dykes £29.0.0
Thomas Jackson His Land in Dykes £33.0.0
James Morrison His Land in Dykes £64.0.0
James Martin Dykehead £16.0.0
James Brouning His Land in Dykehead £19.10.0
John Fleeming Dykeside £42.0.0
James Hamilton His Lands in Dykeside £7.10.0
John Dykes heirs Ryeland £100.0.0
John Dykes heirs Their Part in Hallburn £30.5.6
John Killoch Hallburn £30.5.6
Lands of Hillhead and Caldermiln £59.6.8
William Smith Brounside £28.0.0
John Cochrane His Lands in Brounside £32.0.0
Caldercruiks £8.0.0
William Leiper Fieldhead £44.13.4
John Steel Brakenridge £74.0.0
Mr William Steels heirs Their Lands in Brakenridge £37.0.0
John Cochrane and James Fleming Their Lands in Brakenridge £37.0.0
Unthanks £84.0.0
Michael Allison Windie Edge £16.0.0
Carried forward £5333.11.8

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