Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
The Duke of Hamilton His Lands £2370.0.0
Hope Weir Blackwood £218.0.0
The Merk Land of Bonanhill £33.13.4
The Merk Land of Castlebroket £42.6.8
James Peacock Chapple £42.6.8
The Merk Land of Windhill £49.6.8
James Cochran Struther Highdyke and Kirkwood £88.18.4
William Aiton His Merk Land and Wailsley £58.10.0
Thomas Jackson Part of Dykes called St. Oswalds chapel £36.13.4
John Stewart Kype £35.0.0
John Hamilton Raws £42.13.4
... Gilchrist His part of Rodgers merk Land £13.16.8
Avondale or Strathaven
Carried forward £3031.5.0

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Land Tax calculated at £1.5.5
per £100 Scots of Old Valued Rent.

of the
Valuation Book
of the
County of Lanark
In which
The Different Subdivisions of Cumulo Valuations
acc engrossed conform to the order in which
the Lands Subdivided stand insert-
-ed in the Original Valuation Book.

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