Plan Of Proposed Line Of Waggon Way Or Tram Road From Kilmarnock To Troon, Ayrshire

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP34790

Date: 1807

Description: 'Plan of proposed line of waggon way or tram road from Kilmarnock to Troon, on the west coast of Ayrshire. 1807.' Note: 'Copied by Peter Potter from a plan twice the present scale signed by John Wilson.' Engraved by [-] Neele.
Scale. Coloured. Engraving.
Plan coloured to show changes of land ownership alnong route. Field boundaries shown. Names of owners. Perspective views of principal houses. Industrial sites noted.
And also RHP10769, 47102 & BR/KTR/3/1

Archival history: Ayr Sheriff Court

Coordinates: 324111, 671956