How do I search for a place?

There are many different ways to search for a place on ScotlandsPlaces.


Using the homepage map

You can find it by clicking where it is on the map and looking in the county. You can also click on one of the names of counties, or cities, which are listed next to the map.


Using the search box

Simply type in the name of the place you are looking for. This brings up a 'gazetteer' results tab and mentions of your place name in 'texts' tab.

When you click on the 'gazetteer' tab you will see relevant parishs, counties and burghs. Clicking on one of those will bring up results for an entire area which you can then filter.

The 'text' tab brings up all times your search name occurs in our transcribed texts. Sometimes this will show surprising results as your place name may have been mentioned in a record from another place.


Using the postcode search box

Type in the postcode. This brings up results from the relevant area- usually a county, parish or region. You can then filter the results to find somewhere more specific.


A-Z Search

Click on the letter that your place name begins with and then choose from the 'gazetteer' entries. If your place name isn't shown it will be because it doesn't have enough inhabitants to make it on to the gazetteer. Searching for a larger place in which it is situated may help you find it.