The south-eastern tower is much later than
the others. The wall is only 3 feet thick, and
is built of crude masonry.
East of the castle the embankment widens

[Plan inserted]
FIG. 90. - Auchencass or Auchen Castle (No. 384).

to a plateau, surrounded by marshy ground
to the north, east, and south. At its southern
end is placed, underground, a vaulted passage,
running north and south, apparently ter-
minating to the north in a ruinous poly-
hedronal apartment, now filled with débris.
Whether any means of communication existed
between this apartment and the courtyard is
problematical. The entrance to the passage
is secreted at its southern end; adjacent to
it is a chamber, doubtless used as a guard
chamber if the passage served the purpose of a
sally port. The passage is well built, and is
5 to 7 feet high from the present floor-level.

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