Argyll volume 4, 1982

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argyll-1982/02_002 This volume, the fourth of a series covering the former County of Argyll, is devoted to the island of Iona. It contains well over 500 drawings and photographs, which are integrated with the text and accompanied by tow coloured plans and five detailed elevations and sections of Iona Abbey. The Early Christian monastery founded by St Columba was one of the most famous in the British Isles and the volume summarises a decade of survey and excavation of its buildings and enclosing earthworks. The collection of over one hundred early carved stones, the largest in Scotland, is recorded by a complete series of scale drawings; mor than half of the stones are illustrated for the first time, and important new evidence is presented about the structure and ornament of the celebrated High Crosses. The artistic relationships of the sculpture are discussed in an introduction to the volume and the history of the monastery is fully described. Iona Abbey was the most important and elaborate ecclesiastical building in the West Highlands, while the ruins of the nearby Nunnery are among the most complete of their type in Britain. Both buildings are analysed in detail, with particular emphasis on their varied sculptural ornament, and a feature of the volume is the use of early drawings and photographs to record their appearance before modern restoration. Many of the fine late-medieval graveslabs, effigies and crosses are shown in specially taken photographs. Also recorded are the Romanesque chapel of St Oran, with its famous burial-ground, and a number of other small chapels and burial-grounds. Secular monuments of the island include a Bronze Age burial-cairn, an Iron Age hill-fort, deserted townships and shielings, the village and croft-houses of the improvement era, and the marble-quarry with its machinery, all of which are recorded and planed in their historical setting. £45 net
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argyll-1982/02_003 Stamp - ORDNANCE SURVEY LIBRARY * 13 JUL 1982 * SOUTHAMPTON The page contains a map of Scotland with hatched areas marked off, area name with year date.
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argyll-1982/02_004 9138 The Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland
argyll-1982/02_005 ARGYLL Volume 4 IONA
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argyll-1982/02_007 Crown copyright 1982 First published 1982 ISBN 0 11 491728 0 Printed in Scotland for Her Majesty's Stationery Office by Pillans & Wilson Ltd. Edinburgh Dd. 630439/4083 C20 5/82
argyll-1982/02_008 CONTENTS Page vii Chairman's Preface viii List of Commissioners ix Twenty-second Report xi List of Monuments which the Commissioners consider to be most worthy of preservation xiii Editorial Notes and acknowledgements xv Conversion Tables, metric to British values 1 Introduction Inventory of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Iona 29 Prehistoric Monuments Ecclesiastical Monuments, including 31 Early Christian Monastery 49 Abbey 152 Nunnery 179 Funerary Monuments, Crosses and other Carved Stones 245 St Oran's Chapel 252 Domestic Architecture 252 Townships and Shielings 254 Industrial Monument 256 Miscellaneous 259 Abbreviations used in the references 265 Notes 281 Glossary 285 Index I-VII Plans, elevations and sections of Iona Abbey on end -papers Map showing Inventory volumes published v
argyll-1982/02_009 CHAIRMAN'S PREFACE In view of the outstanding historical importance of Iona and the fact that many of its monuments are substantial and well preserved, it has been decided to devote a separate volume of the Inventory of Argyll to the island. It follows that this volume, unlike others so far published in the series, deals mainly with ecclesiastical monuments, most notable the Early Christian monastery and medieval abbey of Iona, but all known monuments of other classes have been included. Another new feature-and one that is likely to be adopted for the rest of the series-is the change in printing-process from letterpres to lithography; this has enable the layout to be modified in order to achieve a closer integration of illustrations and text, and to produce economies leading to a reduction in costs. Apart from these modifications, details of which will be found in the Editorial NOtes (p. Xiii), the volume follows the patter set by its predecessors. WEMYSS vii
argyll-1982/02_010 The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland LIST OF COMMISSIONERS The Right Honourable the Early of Wemyss and March, KT, HonLLD, JP (Chairman) Professor Leslie Alcock, MA, FSA, FRSE H M Colvin, Esq, CBE, MA, FBA, FSA, HonFRIBA, HonDUniv Professor R J Cramp, MA, BLitt, FSA Professor G Donaldson, MA, PhD, DLitt, HonDLitt, FBA, FRSE Professor J D Dunbar-Nasmith, CBE, BA, RIBA, PPRIAS Professor A A M Duncan, MA Professor K H Jackson, MA, LittD, HonDLitt, DLittCelt, DUnive, HonMRIA, FBA, FRSE Professor G Jobey, DSO, MA, FSA Secretary J G Dunbar, Esq, MA, FSA viii