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enclosed in foliageous ornament are respectively
the initials FI and A.R. Within the pillars
on either side are comparatively modern in:
:scriptions commemorating members of the
family of Maxwell of "The Grove"
This monument much resembles the Ewart
tomb in St. Cuthberts Churchyard Kirk:
[Margin - sketch inserted]
Against the S. [South] side of the church is a
quaintly carved slab of red sandstone with
a semicircular top heavily moulded & with an egg
& dart border inside The upper part is in:
:scribed in relief. "Here lyes Eliz Key relict of Mr.
Robert Archibald late minister of the Gospel at
Dunscor 1709," and separated by a band of
ornament consisting of grouped inverted thistles [Inserted note 1] and
(?) loops [Sketch inserted here] the following characterization "Meek,
modest, prudent, wise and good [Sketch inserted here] Stood
as al that knew her innermost, patient in life
and death, A patern to her latest breath.
"Vivit post funera virtus." Beneath these
inscriptions occurs a broad band of chequer
ornament and towards the base of the stone
Here also lyes Jean Archibald their eldest
daughter. The scheme of ornamentation
of this stone
and its execution are exceptionally good.

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[Opposite page - Inserted note 1]
This ornament is more probably to be correctly
described as scallops and tassels.

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