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on the W. [West] seems to be full of springs and a strong
run of water drains into the trench from that direction.

Penpont Par. [Parish] White Cairn Honeyhole.
On a prominence just to the W. [West] of the wood that
lies up the hillside to the W. [West] of Honeyhole on the
road from Druidhall Bridge to Penpont are the
remains of a large circular cairn which has had
a diameter of from 80' to 90'. The stones have
been almost entirely cleared away with the ex:
:ception of the debris and it is very doubtful
if the interment remains undisturbed.

"Tumulus" Auchenbanzie Hill.
This has been a small cairn with a diameter
of about 24' which has been reduced to ground
level and the interment probably disturbed.
A short distance to the NE. [North East] of it is the site
of another similar cairn which has been entirely
The nomenclature adopted by the Ordnance
Surveyors is in no two regions the same which
leaves me always in doubt as to their classifications
until I see the object referred to. In most districts
"tumulus" is used to denote a small mound
or cairn of less diameter than 20': here a
respectably large cairn of 50 ft. [feet] is so named!

Arkland Glendinning Cleuch
Here immediately to the S. [South] of the farm house
of Arkland is a formation which puzzles
me sorely. The site is a plateau overlooking

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