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A stony bank faces the gap and passes Southward
flanking it for some 40' thereafter passing across
the interior towards the rampart on the E [East] side
On the S. [South] side of the entrance a low stony mound
runs outward as a traverse for a distance of some 30' across
the front of it. The length of the interior is
some 230' and the breadth at the centre 175':
the rampart at base has a breadth of 20', where
prominent at the SE. [South East] angle, and the trench a
width of 25' from crest to crest. The width of
the entrance at ground level is about 7'. The
interior is very uneven and stony showing
in one or two places evident remains of
divisional banks or walls. and rushes growing
in several spots suggest the presence of water.
The elevation of the site above sea level is 800'

Deil's Dyke
Running parallel with the W [West] face some 60'
distant and at an elevation some 20' lower.
is a section of the Deil's Dyke. It is here an
earthern mound some 12' wide at base with a
certain amount of stone at places protruding
through the top, rising to a height of from
2' to 3' and with a slight and narrow trench
some 7' wide on the upper side. It runs in
an irregular line along the face of a steepish
slope some 20' down from the crest.
This forenoon was exceedingly warm so I

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