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on the W. [West] at highest about 11', and on the S. [South]
about 6'. Along the W. [West] where the ground on both
sides does not differ greatly in elevation the trench
is V shaped, very boldly cut, and 34' in width
and has a slight mound on the counterscarp,
from the top of which it measures 8' in depth.
At the S. [South] end the trench is only 22' in width.
The prominent end of the hillock rises at the N. [North] to
a height of 24' and measures 34' across its
flat summit. From the base of its upper and
steeper slope on the S. [South] the shoulder extends
Southward for a distance of 105' with a breadth
of 95' or 105' according to whether the edge of
the enceinte was the side of the plateau or
the line of a dyke that runs along the flank.
At the N. [North] end the foundations of a wall may
be seen crossing the soft ground on the E. [East]
at right angles to the hillock and acting as
a flanking defence if a part of the original
Some 60 yds [yards] NNW. [North North West] of Birkshaw is an oblong
gravel mound surmounted with trees and
rising some 11' at the SSE [South South East] end and 15' or thereby
at NNW [North North West] in which direction the ground declines
The summit is ellipsoidal in form and
has been surrounded at the edge by a

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