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60 or 80 yards away. I watched with interest
one old gull deliberately drive back a youngster
who had ventured too far from home. It was
a lovely afternoon with a warm sun and
light breeze and I dont think the chicks would
come to harm. The colony seemed to be
black headed gulls - though the eggs
varied in ground colour from pale green to brown.

?Entrenchment. Loch Urr.
The land around the Southern end of Loch
Urr towards the West is heathery moorland and
rather wet but to the Westward of a Southerly
arm of the loch there rises a peninsula,
well above the water, with a grassy surface.
The neck of this peninsula is traversed by
a broad natural looking hollow, damp &
marshy in the bottom, above which with
a steepish scarp rises the peninsula.
This scarp is rough, irregular, and not
altogether artificial looking. Above it
at the W. [West] end and extending a considerable
distance Eastward, is a rampart-like
mound of clay rising some 2' to 3' above
the level in rear of it. Near the middle
of its course across the neck it entirely
disappears without any apparent reason
to come into evidence again towards the

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