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in its ruined state and as far as ascertainable
without excavation being about 4'. The
circular mounds measure about 14' in dia:
:meter and 2' in elevation. A short distance
to the S. [South] against a rock is a large en:
:closure for sheep or cattle and sugges:
:ting that here have been sheilings.
On the moor about 1/2 m. [mile] NE. [North East] of Lochur farm
house and 1/4 m [mile] SE. [South East] of the small cairns first
described on Craes Hill are the remains of a
cairn much delapidated with a diameter of
37' and an elevation of about 2'. There is no
indication that the interment has been
Within 30 yds [yards] to the SW. [South West] is a group of four
small grass grown cairns with diameters
each of about 12'.
About 150 yds S. [South] by W. [West] of the large cairn
is another group of about half a dozen
of similar size to the last.
Over a rough surfaced road from
Lochur into the road from Dunscore to
Dalbeattie to within half a mile of Lettrick
where we placed our bicycles behind a
wall and mounted Craigdasher Hill.

Craigdasher small Cairns
At the SE. [South East] end of Craigdasher Hill at an

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Scraes Hill is Craes Hill. (From an identical description on Canmore)

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