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8th July 1912.
Eskdalemuir Enclosure Fingland

At the very edge of the haughland that lies
between the main road from Eskdalemuir to
Ettrick and the River Esk, about 150 yds. [yards] to the
SSE. [South South East] of Fingland and the same distance back
from the river are the remains of an entrenched
earthwork. The construction has been much
interfered with by the formation of a
road along each side of it and except
for a small segment on the N. [North] arc its
lines are not very noticeable. The segment
consists of a double rampart with a trench
between some 26' wide, and 5' to 6' deep. The
ramparts measure at base 34' and 22' respectively.
The plan as indicated by the remains has
probably been oval. The interior is very uneven
and rather damp.

[Opposite page - text inserted] Note At Glendearg is a stone said to mark the
spot where the last wolf was killed in the district.
(not visited)

Fort Upper Cassock.
This fort is situated on a long pear-shaped
promontory running Southward from the
front of Upper Cassock farmhouse and
contained between the wooded glen of the
Barr burn on the W. [West] and a deep natural
ravine bearing the name of "The Lake" on the E. [East], which opens onto the
bed of the burn at the lower end of the
promontory. The site by nature strongly
defended has been formed into a fort
with two enclosures, and upper and larger

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