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Macdowalls, History of Dumfries should
be examined for additional information re:
:lative to the tombs in this churchyard.

30th May 1912.
Wrote up notes all forenoon and at 1 o'clock
left by train for Moniaive very pleased to get
away from Dumfries and the depressing
woodbank hotel for a season. I enjoy too
much the independence and the quiet contemplative
life in a country inn at this time of year,
when there are neither tourists nor summer visitors
to intrude upon my solitude, to endure the
conventionalities of any town hotel with its chattering
table d' hôte, its menus, and indifferent dinners.
Here I am in excellent quarters at the Craigdarroch Arms
Moniaive is a trig little village of one storied
cottages which have wandered on from the
little street by the "mercat" cross along two
incoming roads so that the hamlet resembles
a capital Y. Three valleys between round
swelling grassy hills direct their traffic into
it and one high road leads to Dunscore
& Dumfries, while a white ribbon over the
steep hillside on the north is the way to
Tynronkirk. The little cottages are bright
with beds of pansies and large button
daisies and against their ochre
washed walls, for that colour is much in

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