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a winged hour glass. On the left of the central
emblem is a crown above the initials HG. MG.
on the right a thistle with the initials EW. while
the date 1700 is placed half on one side
and half on the other. On the lower portion
of the stone has been a skull much worn away,
a cross bone [sketch inserted here] and, placed diagonally
a winged cherub's head. At the base beneath
a five petalled heraldic rose on the left and a
four petalled rose on the right is inscribed
"This stone perteaneth to HG. E.W."
Towards the E [East] end of the older portion of the
churchyard and adjacent to a tall granite
obelisk - a martyr's monument - are two tombs
of covenanters repaired and re-erected in 1873.
The Northmost bears the inscription.
Here lyes William Greirson Pentland Martyr
for his adhereing to the word of God and appearing
for Christ's kinglie government in his house
and the covenanted work of reformation a:
:gainst perjury and prelacy executed Jan. [January]
2 1667. Rev. [Revelations] 12.11
Under this stone lo here doth ly
Dust sacrificed to tyranny
Yet precious in immenuiles sight
Since martyr'd for his kinglie right

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