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side of the entrance is more massive than else:
:where and the trench has squared angles
to North & South of it. The length of the interior
is 246' and the breadth at the centre 73'. Through
the rampart on the N. [North] side about 138' from the
entrance is a narrow gap which is probably
secondary. In the entrance N W. [North West] angle of the
ditch adjacent to the entrance is a water
hole. In the interior opposite the entrance
is a small oblong depression which
may possibly have been a well. (Coles' plan
seems to be correct.

The O. S. [Ordnance Survey] marks a mote around the summit
of a broad backed ridge in rear of the mote
farm and to the N. [North] of Lochfoot village
but now through long years of ploughing the
traces of fortification are practically eliminated.
Mr. Coles waxes eloquent over this mote
for reasons not now apparent!

Stone Circle
Mains of Hills
Situated on the moorland at an elevation
of 500' above sea level about 1/4 m. [mile] S S.E. [South South East] of
the farm of Easthill on the Old Military
Road are the remains of a stone circle.
The stones now eight in number have
been placed upon a slight eminence probably
rock and have been much disturbed only

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