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28th June 1911.
Took the early train to Stranraer and there
was met by the motor car hired from the hotel -
- an ancient piece of mechanism which stuck on
nearly every hill & sorely tried our nerves.

Leswalt Par. [Parish] Ior of Creagach
Though assured by numerous natives that there
was no fort here I penetrated into the wood from
which rises the monument to Sir Andrew Agnew
& there found one.
On the summit of a hill rising to a height of 350'
over sea level and about 3/4 m. [mile] to the NW. [North West] of Leswalt
village is the Tor of Creagach a prehistoric fort
from the centre of which rises the monument to
Sir William Agnew of Lochnaw. The summit
of the hill is a flat topped rock rising
steeply on the N [North] and E [East] and by an easier
gradient on the W [West] and S [South]. On the latter
sides the position has been defended by a
trench and mound each some 20' in width
and the latter now only some 2' in height
above the bottom of the trench but slightly
higher where the ground falls away on the
outside. Beyond the mound there appears
to be a level terrace some 15' in width.
On the S. [South] side other banks are visible which
appear to be those of old enclosure probably
of much later date. The interior of

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