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Cairn Cordorcan (16)
Within an enclosed park and about 1/2 m. [mile] NE [North East] of
Cordorcan is a large circular cairn measuring
in diameter some 80' from E [East] to W. [West] by 76' from N-S. [North-South]
and in elevation 6'. A considerable amount of
stone has been removed from it on the S. [South] and
an excavation has been made on the top to a
depth of about 3'.6" but neither cist nor chamber
has been exposed.

27th July 1911
A soaking wet morning so my visit to Luce
sands had to be put off.

28th July 1911.
Moved on to The Manse, Parton, Kirkcudbright:
:shire. Worked all afternoon indicating additional
information on maps.

29 July 1911
Very hot & sultry. Passed the forenoon still
preparing my maps.

31st July 1911.
Hired Car from Castle Douglas and motored
out to the N. [North] end of Carsphairn parish to
Lamford. The mote marked by the roadside
here is a natural mound & though
a broken section on the top discloses a few
stones laid there by the hand of man there
are no indications of any defences whatsoever.

Carsphairn Par. [Parish] Cairn 4a Lamford
On the open moor about 1/2 m. [mile] due E. [East] of the
shepherds cottage by the roadside at Lamford
is a circular cairn measuring in diameter
48' and in elevation about 5'.9". It is in

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